Blackhawk SERPa problem
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Thread: Blackhawk SERPa problem

  1. Blackhawk SERPa problem

    Hey all. I carry with a Blackhawk serpa and have noticed that it has made some alight wear on the blue just below the ejection port and down the front sides of the slide. just wondering if anyone else uses this holster and has similar results. I have a feeling it's happening because of the small amour of movement it cam do back and forth while in the holster. Also wondering if someone has figured a way to prevent it from happening.

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  3. Wear and scuffing are normal with the Serpa. The Kydex contacts different firearms in different places and almost always will scuff anything stainless steel. It has a retention screw that is supposed to help pull the Kydex together to "pinch" the pistol a bit. That portion of the Kydex you're describing is a normal contact point...or at least on my Glocks, CZ's, and 1911's it has been.

    You might be able to adjust that contact with the retention screw. Some will likely tell you that if you're careful with a heat gun you can bend it away from the firearm. I don't suggest the heat gun on a Serpa, just my preference.

  4. Ok thanks I'll give that a try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    Ok thanks I'll give that a try!
    All that time you spent "killing people incountry" and you don't know about holster wear? I though you were a hard core operator man
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  6. Yeah the don't make holsters for m249's and m16 douchbag

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    Just my .02 - not a serpa fan.

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    Perfectly normal and a cosmetic issue at worst. I would not worry about it.

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    Felt Pads

    You can buy a package of thin self stick felt pads at Lowes's and try putting them in the holster and then adjust the tension screw. It should help to keep the fit tight without marring the bluing. Also, don't forget to bring some ID or a copy of your DD 214 (blacken you SSN) so you can get your 10% veteran's discount.

    Hope this info is useful,

  10. Terminal Lance,
    Love the Serpa! The Serpa will be good to you. I carry XD .45's in 3 different Sepra configurations and had the same problem and the problem of open mag carriers not griping the polished magazine. Solved the problem with a product you should be familiar with. Mole skin. It's not just for blisters anymore! Wal Mart foot care secton. Easily replaceable if it wears or becomes wet. Hope this helps.

  11. Moleskin haha excellent idea, and so simple. Thanks all

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