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    c-more red dot sights

    i was offered a c-more red dot sight today but i didn't get it because i wasn't sure of what i would be getting. are these sights any good or just junk???

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    Arrow American Handgunner July/August 2009

    In the July August 2009 issue of American Handgunner gunwriter Dave Anderson speaks about red-dot sights. On page 28 he tells how they killed iron sights in competition shooting. He states the C-More sights seemed the most popular, at that time. To read his comments go to American Handgunner July/August 2009
    for the digital edition of that issue of American Handgunner.

  4. Meh. The dot projector typically blocks iron sights on an AR (leaving you with no backup) and they don't hold zero very well... There's better sights for the money out there.

  5. C-more sights are pretty good. But it depends on the price your getting it for. Most guys I know use it for their open IPSC pistols and they are great. I've used it before and had no problems. My advice to you is to look up the model they have and take a look at the "new" price and "used" price.

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