Best/favorite .40 S&W loads
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Thread: Best/favorite .40 S&W loads

  1. Best/favorite .40 S&W loads

    Yeah, I already know I'm going to get a lot of conflicting suggestions on this question, huh? Anyway, Having been a mainly 9mm and 45 shooter for years, and can almost quote ballistics tests and data, I confess to being quite the 'noob' to 40 S&W. Just wondering, what are you folks shooting in your 40's? Hunting? 10 ring? Self defense? Whatever use?
    Your suggestions and comments are most appreciated and anticipated!

    'Fire away!'

  3. Hornady Critical Defense, 40 S&W 165 gr. FTX. One of my favorite with a muzzle velocity of 1175 fps @ 50 yards still an impressive 1066fps

  4. 40 S&W loads

    I've been using 5.2gr Bullseye under a 180gr FMJ and 5.5gr Bullseye under a JHP. They've been good for me.

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    I haven't started reloading any 40 yet, but as far as commercial ammo, for practice, I like the Winchester white box. I think it's a 180 gr FMJ. Says "target load" on the box. I don't like the similar Federal round for some reason. And they both shoot far different in my G27 and High Point carbine. So I'm sticking with the Winchester.

    I still haven't settled on a SD round yet.
    ~ Bill

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    For just range shoot'n i use winchester white box 180 gr fmj. For sd i use winchester pdx1 180 gr jhp or ww ranger t 180 gr jhp.

  7. For target I use WWB and for SD I use corbon.

  8. I just use my .40 for competitions. Either the WWB 165gr FMJs or my own 155gr plated bullets. My carry guns are either a 10mm 1911 or a .357 SP101. Yes, I'm quite capable of using either in SD situation.


  9. Target shooting is Winchester target loads from Wal-mart at $30 per 100 and +1 on the Hornady Critical Defense, 40 S&W 165 gr. FTX for carry. They are hard to find in the 40 cal though.

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    Winchester 100ct box 165gr at Wal-Mart for target/training and I have Hornaday CriticalDefense and DoubleTap Ammo for sd

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    For self-defense or hunting, Speer Gold Dot, nothing else.

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