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Thread: Dry Fire harmful?

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    Check your owners manual or call the manufacturer before dry-fire practice. Snap caps are also very good once you know you can dry-fire on your particular model.
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  3. As previously stated, for the most part dry firing will not damage center fire weapons. The firing pin impacts nothing and most firearms are designed to take the internal shock of dryfiring. That said, Snap Caps are still a very good investment.

    They will protect your firearm while dry firing as the silicone "primer" absorbs the impact of the firing pin reduces the impulse of dry firing and protects the internals as well.

    They allow you to practice clearing jams, misfires, stovepipes and double feeds.

    On the range snap caps can be mixed with live ammo to reveal flinches and recoil anticipation.

    For the money they are a very worthwhile tool.
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    Dry firing may damage rim fire weapons over time (like .22's) but not center fire weapons.
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    Why risk it? Snap Caps are cheap and available.
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    I've dry fired my Glock 22 quite extensively without problems. I have not noticed any damage or excessive wear. I must be lucky because I wasn't wearing my CCW badge either.

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