I looked for a Topic Of Range Reports/Shooting/Accessories, but did not really see where this bag could be reported on.

I just received my Stage Tournament Bag
Manufacturer: Bagmaster
Item #: PSB TMSB
Main Compartment:13"x7.5"

from Rangebags.com and I must say for an insert this has more room than I expected. it holds 8 magazines, up to four handguns, pistols and revolvers. I have an EAA Tanfoglio 9 mm Witness 4", Springfield Armory XD 9mm 5", Ruger GP 100 3", Ruger Security Six 3". A box of 250 count 9mm UMC, Ear Protection Peltor Tactical and speed loaders. The bag after completely loaded is about 8" wide and weighs about 17 pounds. So far I like it, but will know for sure today after spending a few hours at the range.