What model 1911 is my *maybe* new gun?
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Thread: What model 1911 is my *maybe* new gun?

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    What model 1911 is my *maybe* new gun?

    A friend of mine is selling a 1911 in good condition, it's not perfect, has the idiot scratch and others, it's stainless and S&W. He does not know what model number it is and neither do I. i can't seem to find info anywhere on the web (hard to believe I know but true). The serial number is: JRH4xxx (xing out the last numbers for safety).

    Can anyone help me discover if it has a model number or is it simply a S&W 1911?


  3. I am pretty sure it is just S&W 1911 unless its a Performance Center Model or other special model. take a look at S&W's website and see what models they offer

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    Call s&w and give them the serial number. They will tell you the exact model.

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    The Smith &Wesson 1911 comes in 10 different configurations The Smith &Wesson 1911 E comes in 2 different Configurations best Info I can give you is to call S&W directly and they will be able to answer your questions Good Luck

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