wadcutter ammo???
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Thread: wadcutter ammo???

  1. wadcutter ammo???

    Anyone ever used this kind of ammo

    I picked up 50 rounds for $15 for my 45 semi auto bersa.

    Hoping its not going to blow up my gun.

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    Semi wad cutter ammo is for range shooting. I used it in my colt 1911 when I use to shoot ipsic. It is not a good sd ammo.

  4. Just using it for target practice. I use hydra shok for self defense carry.

  5. It's good ammo just be sure to clean the barrel really good after about 200 rounds being it is a straight lead bullet it can coat the inside of the barrel

  6. I will thanks. I'm pretty anal about keeping my guns clean. Just couldn't pass up the cheap cost of the ammo. $0.30 round is nice in 45 acp

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    I bought two boxes of CCI BLAZER 230 GR FMJ for $3.00 a box, $.06 a round, from a friend that works at a pawn shop. Im just using it for target practice, its not reloadable.

  8. Where did you by it? Locally or online?
    It does make good range ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smudley View Post
    Where did you by it? Locally or online?
    It does make good range ammo.
    I bought it locally from a friend of mine that works at a pawn shop, he only had two boxes. I wish he would have had some more bacause i would have bought more.

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    How is a Wadcutter different than other ammo? I was looking to pick some up due to cost for my 38.

  11. shape

    It is the shape of the projectile. Wikipedia has a good series of photos if you search wadcutter. I know some older cops who used to carry it on duty back in the fmj only days. Other than that it is a good choice for the range as it is normally dirt cheap. I use it for paper assassination in my 38.

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