Shipping guns on vacation
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Thread: Shipping guns on vacation

  1. Shipping guns on vacation

    I will be heading to the Kentucky-Indiana area for a week. I am considering shipping my extra weapon to my hotel via UPS or Fed-ex. Has anyone done this? I don't see any complications unless it get's lost. If it gets lost it will be insured correct? Ideas?

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    Why not just take them with you?

  4. im about 7 miles away from indiana (ky side)

  5. I don't wanna deal with the airline issuesy

  6. How are ky laws?

  7. Pretty leaniant (sp?). What are your concerns?

  8. I now live in the people's republic of california
    everything is a concern state

  9. Unless the hotel is an FFL holder you can't ship the gun there legally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lessary View Post
    I don't wanna deal with the airline issuesy
    It's a LOT easier to deal with the airlines than it is to ship. You will have to ship it overnight via UPS to yourself care of the hotel, you will have to instruct the hotel not to open the package when they receive it. Then you will have to overnight it back to yourself via UPS when you leave. Total shipping cost, about $140.

    OR you can put the gun in a <$10.00 gun case, put a standard non-TSA lock on it, put the gun case in a suitcase, sign a form at the airline baggage check-in counter certifying the gun is unloaded and be done with it. Up to you, though.
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  11. I have never taken a gun on an airline before. I thought it was a huge pita. Not so?

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