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    Gunny, I agree totally. Trying to buy insurance after the wreck has occurred just doesn't work and neither does waiting until you get attacked to arm oneself.

    Iam2taz, thanks for the info on the re-loader. I will definitely look into it. As for the belts, gee thanks, yet another aspect to research....sighhh, does this stop? Lol, seriously, I was already thinking about the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe with either a tactical belt or a gunbelt with added support of suspenders. On another forum they have photos of their daily carry and one guy was wearing a belt with suspenders to hold up his britches and his weapon. I like that idea. Especially since I'm a big guy.

    I agree GunnerBob. First, the pistol. Second, the shotgun. The assault rifle is an iffy at best. But, it and the followup .22 rifle and pistol would be in case a really bad SHTF situation arose. Especially if it went into a WROL as well. Gotta have a good assault rifle (7.62) in case of zombies...lol. Since I live in the city we don't need to fire that round anywhere around here. I have heard the 00 buck is good, but 4 is better. for a variety of reasons. 21 .24 caliber bullets as opposed to 7-9 .33 caliber bullets.

    Thanks again all.

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    I think you've got it figured out pretty well. Good luck!
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    When you first get into reloading you don`t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy progresive reloading equiptment. I just use a single stage RCBS reloading set up, and once i got everything set up i could reload a hundred rounds of 9mm or 45. an hour. I figure thats pretty good for a single stage press set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowjiber View Post
    Welcome aboard from southern Nevada.

    I suggest walking before running. Get yourself a dependable firearm and learn to use it safely before jumping into the assault rifle/defensive shotgun thing. That'll come, and you may find that your "needs" will change as you grow into the lifestyle...saving you a lot of money.
    I generally agree with this - except for the part about the defensive shotgun. I mean, yeah, you can buy the hottest new Remington and outfit it with all kinds of bolt-on SWAT crap. OR...you can shop real hard for a short-barreled Mossberg 500 and spend in the $200 range for it. (I got mine for $175 at a local shop - and tests at the range confirm that each shot make as many holes in the paper as the other guy's $1000+ "Rambo Remington.")
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    Ya know, getting into shooting is like almost every other endeavor you can find. When you start out, you must buy this, then that, then something else. Seems neverending, doesn't it? But somewhere down the road you will have most everything you need, and will be purchasing only disposables (shells and such). Shooting/hunting/self-defense is no different. If I figured up all I have in guns, it would scare me. Same with fishing. Same with metal detecting. Hang in there ~ get A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME ~ remember, no matter what you put into self-defense, if you have to use it only once to save your life or your family's life, having what you need to do the job is priceless.

    Also remember, you don't have to buy the most expensive anything. Look for what is reliable and just plain works.

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    Welcome aboard! Shoot as many different guns as possible before you decide what to get. Also, you do not need the "latest and greatest" for home defense. For example, an SKS shoots a round that is in the power class with a 30-30. They are cheap and available. Shotguns, there are thousands of gun shops, pawn shops, and stores populated with 12Ga. Mossberg's, Remington's and the like, that function quite well and are vastly cheaper than their "Tactical" cousins
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