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    Need some training advice

    Just looking for a little advice on how to measure myself on defensive handguns... I have competed against friends, but some of them I've taught how to shoot, and others just can't shoot effectively period... I've never lost any of these competitions, but I'm not ignorant enough to think I'm the best shooter around... I've just never been able to measure myself against a good shooter... Since I can barely afford to buy ammo to stay up on practice I can't afford to enter myself in a competition, and I probably wouldn't want to until I was certain that I would be competetive... Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated

  3. I would suggest talk to your local gun shops and Ranges. Sometimes they have clubs that do training or shooting companions.

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    Which begs the question..... How can you be sure you are "ready" to be competitive until you stick your foot into the water?

    Confucious say: If only spend time preparing to "do" and never actually "DO"...... sincere waste of time, and, perhaps, talent. (LOL!)

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    Good call sir

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    Well, I am not sure what you are trying to prove, but what you can do is this; there is a really great organization called "I.D.P.A." It stands for the "International Defensive Pistol Association" here is a link to their web site International Defensive Pistol Association they sponsor gun clubs & ranges across the eastern United States to hold competitions, so you can find a IDPA affiliated range, become a IDPA member and they will have you qualify to see what class you would be in, the qualifier will tell you how good you are and where you stand, also you would be affiliated with a great organization when you are ready to compete in tactical pistol and defense competitions and that should answer some questions for your self. The IDPA have great members, they are always more than willing to help you out. If you need any other help just drop me a message.

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    IDPA is a great way to train! I try to make the "competions" every month. Our club will host the events and most times it is $20 for non-members of the club and $10 for members. Usually not more than 150 rounds for the day. In 9mm that is about $50 for the entire day. I have never met anyone at any of the matches that was not willing to help a new guy.

    Try to do a tactical reload with people watching and the clock running. It is a lot of fun!

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  8. IDPA is a good way to train, however it does set the shooter up for a real-world failure and that's coming from an instructor who shoots IDPA. Let me break the competition shortcomings down a bit for everyone, know that they are not isolated to IDPA as these will apply to IPSC, USPSA, as well as other training options.

    Walkthroughs of the scenario (won't happen in the real-world)
    The shooter can self-train on scoring zones (real-world vital areas are covered by clothing folks)
    Based upon "what if" scenarios - if you can dream it they just might use it
    Reacting to a shot timer rather than your personal perception and reaction that a threat exists
    In some, you can miss fast enough to win (miss in the real-world and you could wind up dead or in a lawsuit)
    Governed by rules (bad guys don't play by the rules)
    Rarely does the body give you a proper physiological response in a competition (you will get the response real-world)

    So, as long as you're aware of these unrealistic advantages prior to then competitions are a great training tool. Airsoft is another option and yet there are even more options.

    Matt Canovi has a book based on his REAL Defensive System. DVD's are available, but to keep it cost-effective for you, the digital copy can be had for less than $7 and will give you the following:
    Up close and personal
    Point shooting
    Front sight shooting
    Shooting on the move
    Ground fighting
    Multiple shots for stopping power
    Head shots for stopping power
    Multiple threat response
    Barrier shooting
    .....and more!


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