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  1. I keep 2 pictures available on my phone. One of a tricked out Ruger 10/22 with a "sinister"looking bullpup stock completely blacked out. The other one is of a stock 10/22. Just like the one they sell at the local Walmart. After showing them the pictures, I ask which one of the guns do they want to ban. They always have the same confused look on their face. You know the one. It says, why would you even ask that. They say, why that evil assault rifle of course. Well, I then get the chance to educate them about how they are the same rifle. I then offer to take them to the range. They usually get mad. But, I have had a few takers. And a few of them even changed their mind. (just a few) We need to learn to use these opportunities to slowly eliminate the ignorance about our chosen hobby/sport.
    Don't Pick a fight with an old or a crippled man, if he's too old or crippled to fight he'll just shoot you.

  3. Typically, I don't retort, or argue.... Arguing with an ignorant person, just brings you down to their level, where
    they will win, by experience.......

  4. ignorant anti gun people.

    I just don't understand people against guns. I have had the arguement that the 2nd ammendment was created in a time of muzzle loading powder rifles for us to stand up against our enemies. Well what is wrong with machine guns now? Our enemies have them and the paper work and ffl licensing to get and keep them are not easy or fast to get. Enemies and criminals have automatic weapons and so do I. The only difference is the ATF and U.S. government says I have a clean record and im a reputable person......and what do criminals and our enemies have to do to get them? Oh yea they don't do any of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyrbug44 View Post
    What type of retort do any of you use against an anti gunner when the subject comes up "why do you need an assault rifle, they should be for the military only"?
    I usually start with, "Please define an 'assault rifle' for me." They usually said "assault weapon" and that leads to even more fun with the definition.

    We can also go to reciting the Second Amendment and pointing out that it is not about hunting but about defense of the nation, community and self (that includes family and friends). The clear meaning is that the militia, you and me, are meant to have the same level of arms as the Army, Navy or Marines. We could get into just how far that goes but it is a very big subject. At the time of the American Revolution the muzzle-loading musket was the cutting edge "assault rifle" of the time. Currently, since it's back in regular service I'll take an M-14, M1A.

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    I just say: I have an assault hammer to pound nails with for the same reason. Now What part of "This Right Shall Not Be Infringed" do you not understand?
    "The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

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    I guess I have a different take . . . My reply is simple: Assault weapons are already illegal to the public. Assault rifle means select fire full auto, not black and scary looking . . .

    Most are too stupid to realize that not-minor detail, and the misrepresentations by the media sure don't help . . .

    - Tim

  8. Well.......How about becouse you want one. The same reason you have a car and not a horse,

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    A guy was bad nothing me about having a assault rifle. So I asked him what is a assault rifle. His words were AK-47 and AR-15. I told him those are specific models, but what makes it called a assault rifle. He didn't have a answer. The truth is there is no such thing as a assault rifle. It is just a term anti gunners made up to make a certain weapon system bad.

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    First off, just what classifies a firearm to be an assault rifle? The PRK when I worked there clarified that a sniper rifle was a high powered rifle with a high powered scope, with a magazine of military stature. That just defined my deer rifle, I have bad eyes and I love the accuracy or the .308, and it never hurts to have a few extra bullets, especially if hunting bears.

    Besides I have never owned a firearm that has assaulted anyone, now I cannot say the same for myself. Does this mean I will be banned? The problem is the Anti Gun idiots know just enough to make them a nuisance and fail to read all the gun laws and initiatives, they only read the ones they think they can win.
    The Second Amendment is not about Hunting!!
    When the Government is afraid of of it's People, This LIBERTY
    When the People are afraid of the government, That is TYRANNY

  11. First I respond that it's not an assault rifle as it's not fully automatic. Then I point out how mine is chambered in the exact same 9mm as my handgun. :-)

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