Wisconsin Now Concealed Carry
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Thread: Wisconsin Now Concealed Carry

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    Talking Wisconsin Now Concealed Carry

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    Any recognition of other states' ccw holders?

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    So when can that despicable black mark on the conceal carry map be reduced to only Obamanois?

  5. You mean the Ohbummer administration Haha. Yeah all the criminals will enjoy moving outta Wisconsin down to IL, sucks to be them.

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    Congrats Wisconsin! Unless it changes, I will NOT be traveling to Illinois.
    "No one knows what it's like to be the bad man...." -The Who

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    We don't have those details yet but will be updating the maps once the information is available.

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    I would look for another year before we start seeing reciprocity agreements. They take some coordination and cooperation between states. Other states will have to recognize the WI permit before WI starts recognizing theirs. It will take a year or two.

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    Anybody else seeing that Conceal Carry map seems to have a bullseye on it now... one black spot in the middle!

    With Wisconsin in blue, it just looks SOOOO much better!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by coachdb18 View Post
    With Wisconsin in blue, it just looks SOOOO much better!
    Doesn't it.....it will look even better when the reciprocating states can be added.
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    We used to go to WI each year until we all got our CCW, then went there on a need to need basis. This year I had hope that we do not have to go, but things changed recently, so we were asked (read as "told") to go there for EAA Airventure for our meeting. Law may have been signed but it will be awhile before we know what is what and which is which yet. In the meantime, our group will all be flying over there unprotected.
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