How difficult is it to obtain an FFL?
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Thread: How difficult is it to obtain an FFL?

  1. How difficult is it to obtain an FFL?

    I have been thinking about starting a small home based business and was wondering just how difficult it would be to get an FFL. Looking for feedback or advice from anyone who has been through the process.

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    It's been a while, but when I got mine in 2005 it was fairly easy. Just a short interview with a local agent to explain the rules & paperwork, but that was a whole different administration so who knows what they do now. I think it took about 2 months total to apply, interview, and receive the FFL.

  4. Where are you? Ask around, talk to other Dealers in your State, in your County, in areas zoned like yours. A few years ago, I was talking with a small dealer who was being run out of business by the State and by the County zoning commission. Find out ahead of time if you'll come up against enemies in the zoning commission or at State level. Do pleny of research.

    Remember you give up all privacy and you lose the right to make private sales and purchases. Once you are a dealer, you are a Dealer. No private sales to friends or on your table at a show. I've thought about this from time to time. You will will show the ATF your place of business; you will show them your security system; you will show them how to defeat it; they may show up to inspect your home/business at any time, and you cannot refuse.

    One question I've wanted to ask: If I were to become an 01 Dealer, would my wife still be able to make private sales and purchases?

    Frankly, I've considered a Curio and Relic license, but decided against even that. Maybe someday.

    Do your research very thoroughly. There are bureaucrats at EVERY level, not just BATFE, who consider any gun dealer to be an enemy. Find out now what to expect, BEFORE you start the process and commit your money.

    Frankly, I empathize with you. It's been an off and on daydream of mine. Hey, science fiction fans, do you think the estate of A.E. Van Vogt would sue you if you opened a shop called "Isher Guns" and posted the slogan "The Right to Buy Weapons is the Right to be Free?"
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  5. Fill out the application (ATF form-7) and send it to the ATF with a hefty application fee and they will process it with BG checks and Fingerprints an all that good stuff. Then you pay to renew it every so often.

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    I was checking around to find out the process as well and was given this site: FFLKIT Give it a try and let us know.

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    how much does it cost for an ffl

    How much does it cost for an ffl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton Felix View Post

    Frankly, I've considered a Curio and Relic license, but decided against even that. Maybe someday.

    If you reload some online dealers give a hefty discount on supplies using your C&R...... and Scopes at Grafs and Sons are about 20% below retail using your C&R
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