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Thread: How many CCW Mag would you carry??

  1. I usually carry 1 spare magazine. I feel that 1-2 magazines is appropriate. There is a point where carrying "excessive" magazines might be a bad idea as a prosecutor could make you out to be bloodthirsty. Most self defense situations are resolved with very few shots and the vast majority of defensive gun use occurs without ANY shots being fired at all.

    I carry an extra magazine as a means of dealing with certain types of weapons malfuntions in addition to increasing the amount of shots I carry. I think carrying beyond 2 magazines, particularly if they hold more than 10 rounds each might be viewed in a negative light by a prosecutor or a jury.
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    I usually carry one spare magazine in case of malfunction of the primary magazine. If I am carrying a revolver, I carry a spare revolver. If I am in the field with my pistol on my web belt, I carry two spares. The second magazine in this case is in the case that I get lost and may need to shoot what I eat for a while. I do not really believe in carrying a "reload" since, realistically, few (if any) civilian encounters (outside of TV) require a reload. If you have not solved your problem with the first few rounds, you are likely dead.

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    One of the reasons you carry a spare magazine is in case your first one malfunctions. It's not always about the increased round count.

    In all the years I've carried I've never had to fire a shot. Based on that I choose to carry a multitool instead of a third magazine (there's only so much space on my belt)
    I'll keep that in mind when I pick up a new holster. I'm looking at getting one with the mag pocket.

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    I carry the one 9 round mag i have in the gun (XD), plus a 12 round as back up. both loaded with federal hst.

  6. No matter what the capacity of the self shucker I'm carrying may be, I carry 1 spare mag.


    Because I don't trust 1 single mag enough to bet my life on it working if and when I need it.

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    9mm with 2 extra 10-rd mags + 1 up the spout = 31 rds. If I'm going into the Big City (Seattle) add a 5-rd .38 snubbie.
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    I carry one mag in the gun and one extra. And that's a lot. If I'm ever in a situation where I need that much ammo, I shouldn't be there.

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    Wow Phillip.. You carry up to 60 rounds at one time...that is a lot...!

    I only carry 3 mags on any of my CCW carry guns.

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    I carry one extra. Only because I only have 1 extra!

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    Generally, just the mag in the gun plus one in the pipe. So, 7 rounds of .380 or 13 rounds of 9mm.
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