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Thread: How many CCW Mag would you carry??

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    Detroit 45 acp Guest
    I carry the one in my gun and 2 extras with any gun I carry ....

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    One mag is all you need. If you need more than one mag you must be in a war zone and for that, you need a rifle.

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    My standard carry is one handgun and one spare magazine, the main reason for the second magazine is for mechanical failures. (Think spare tire)

    If I am heading out on a trip, where I might be away from home for more that a day, I'll load up with a few more magazines and possibly take a pistol caliber carbine (usually a Glock and my SUB-2000).

    In regards to the magazine that I carry. I have a Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 26, and no matter which handgun I carry, the spare magazine is a 17 round magazine for a Glock 17. That way I'll just grab the pistol I want and a magazine and I don't have to worry what magazine I have. With my setup, I'll never grab the Glock 17 and grab a 15 round magazine for the Glock 19 by mistake that won't work in the 17. I'll carry the Glock 19 with have a 15 round magazine in it and the Glock 26 with have the 10 round magazine in it, but the backup will be a 17 round mag for the Glock 17. (Also ensures compatibility with the SUB-2000 if on a trip)
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    I just carry whatever's in my pistol. I'll be trying to extract myself from any shooting situation long before I get to the last round.
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    One in the gun, two on the belt - always!
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    I generally carry 1 reload with me, Unless i have my 5 shot revolver. Then i carry 2 speed loaders, Plus a speed strip in my pocket for 20 rnds. but is also what is comfortable for you and what suits your purpose.

    In general, No one plans to get into a gun fight, But you never know what will happen. I also carry a knife and some other form of non-lethal capability, so that I have options.

    My drill sergeant used to always say this: 2 is 1, and 1 is none. So I always carry a spare.

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    I carry 1 mag the one that's in the gun. There are 15 rounds of .40 and 1 in the chamber for a total of 16 rounds. If you can't put your assailant or assailants down with that many rounds you don't need to be carrying you need to be at the range practicing.

  9. matt k

    I allways carry one extra 17 round mag and then one in my SD 9. Equipment failures do happen

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    Carry in my person? -- just the ones in my guns (one primary, one BUG) and one extra mags for both, just in case of malfunction...S do happen sometimes and i do not want to get caught in the middle of it. One practice I always do in the basement is changing the mags quickly.
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    One in the gun, two on my belt and three extended magazines in a "tactical" thigh magazine holder. If 127 rounds of 40S&W won't get the job done, I should have brought hand grenades or set up claymores around the perimeter.

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