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Thread: How many CCW Mag would you carry??

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    One in the gun and two more on the belt or in the pocket.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by solopr View Post
    Hello everyone I have a question about how many magazine would you carry when CCW, If I think about it, the reason for CCW is protect your self from any harms to you and your love ones, That means, that you want to stop that threat to happen, by all means necessarily, so I'm assuming that with only 1mag is good enough to do so, because you only want to disable that threat..
    Any comments?
    First, you want to STOP the threat. If he's disabled, he can still hurt/kill you. BTW if he dies, that means he's stopped, right?

    Most malfunctions are caused by magazine issues. You should always carry at least 1 reload just in case. You do malfunction drills, right? This is an extension of that. For those who believe tha magazine in the gun is all they need, all I can say is I've seen a lot of magazine failures from the one in the gun. It may have been defective when you first loaded up or it was damaged after you loaded up. Have you ever fired a round and got a FTF? I've watched people whose mags lost the baseplate and ejected all of their rounds, spring, and follower WITHOUT the shooter noticing until it Failed To Fire. YMMV
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  4. I carry 7 in my LCP and 1 extra mag containing 6, so two mags, 13 rounds.

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    I always carry two extra magazines. With one in the chamber that's 46 rounds. Should be enough.

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    At lease i extra mag incase the ***** hits the fan!

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    Daily carry when not at work, G-23 14 rds, Taurus 380 7 rds and a small NA 22 mag revolver, 5 rds, and in the car, AK with two double stack mags 120 rds

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    One of the reasons you carry a spare magazine is in case your first one malfunctions. It's not always about the increased round count.

    In all the years I've carried I've never had to fire a shot. Based on that I choose to carry a multitool instead of a third magazine (there's only so much space on my belt)
    I used to carry two spares (2x13) and a light (SureFire). I'm looking for a single pouch with a built in light holder in place of the second mag. 13 + 13 + 1 and a BRIGHT light. I've used the light a lot, my knife even more, and the gun a couple of times. 27 rounds of 230g .45 is heavy enough.
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    one in the gun, one other. Depends on the gun as to how many rounds that is. When wearing the M&P 40C, thats still 20 round.
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  10. Glock 23, 2 spare mags come rain or shine.

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    One 10-round in gun; one spare on belt; two spares in fanny pack that I often carry when traveling.

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