How many CCW Mag would you carry??
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Thread: How many CCW Mag would you carry??

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    Hello everyone I have a question about how many magazine would you carry when CCW, If I think about it, the reason for CCW is protect your self from any harms to you and your love ones, That means, that you want to stop that threat to happen, by all means necessarily, so I'm assuming that with only 1mag is good enough to do so, because you only want to disable that threat..
    Any comments?

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    I carry two mags of .380 which equals 17 rounds total. If I were to carry the .45 there would be two mags also and 21 rounds total. I carry an extra mag mag incase of a small riot starts after I shoot. People are crazy where I live and they tend to go wacko when the SHTF. I know it wont help me to stop every person from jumping me but I would be able to get out of danger and call the police.

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    I only carry the magazine in the gun. 11 rounds total of .45 Auto.
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    Magazine in the gun + 2 more 15 round magazines, of. 357 Sig.

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    I carry 2 for a total of 34 rounds of 9mm and one in the pipe

  7. Except in the case of my competition pistol, for which I own five magazines that carry 17 rounds of 9mm ammo each, I would carry all the magazines, fully loaded that I owned. After all, I don't have to use up all the bullets just because I start shooting. I suppose normally I would purchase enough magazines to total three, so that I could carry one in the gun, and two more elsewhere.

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    I carry 1 spare mag loaded with FMJ, just in case I need to shoot through something.
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    Three total, one in my Para plus two more for a total of forty-three rounds.
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    When I carry my .45 I at least have the magazine in my gun plus two spares on my belt (10 rounds each, total of 30 rounds). If I'm dressed in layers, I've been known to add up to 3 more magazines in clothing pockets, for a total of up to 60 rounds. Now realistically, I KNOW I'm never going to use that many in a typical self-defense scenario - but it gives me a few options of where to grab for a magazine if I am injured and can't reach my left side easily.

    When I carry my .357, I carry two speedloaders plus 12 more rounds in a "cartridge wallet" sort of thing - total of 30 rounds including the ones in the cylinder. I'm mulling over the possibility of getting a couple more cartridge wallets...again for the option of having a place to grab if I can't reach my speedloaders etc.
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  11. Only the one in the .45

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