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    Our local firm selected a major underwriter and the question of firearms was never raised. I once dealt with Amica on car insurance, however, and found they were very conservative on who they would write a policy on ... one basically had to have a current Amica customer vouch for you if you did not have a sufficiently long history of recent insurance coverage .... as someone who works overseas for extended periods, I was "suspect" until proven 'worthy'!! (I now use USAA auto, who are more mature in their approach.)
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  3. Farm Bureau has taken stances and lobbied for laws in NC that are making it more difficult to hunt with hounds.

    I am going to drop mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
    State farm.. they were great to deal with, and I was able to add even more gun insurance without any issues what so ever. They never asked for a list, or asked if anyone had any loaded guns in the house. Give them a call.
    State Farm has been good to deal with, in covering my guns.

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    Libert Mutual asked no questions at all.

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    Most companies are NOT going to ask about your guns. Almost every policy has a limit on THEFT of guns. In fact, I can't think of the last time I didn't see a policy without an internal limit on theft. Usually, $2,000 to $2,500. The company wants you to "schedule" the items because they are high theft items. (Yes, it is an additional premium.) Most companys assume you will keep them safe. If you didn't schedule the guns, I am betting you may not have the coverage you think you do.
    The bigger question is: Did your agent recommend and Umbrella policy? (And how will that react if you shoot someone.) If, he/she didn't, then fire them! YMMV - Yes, I do work in insurance.

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    I've had Amica for 15 years now and they are great in terms of customer service, i've only had to use them a few times and it was mostly for auto not homeowners. they were very hard to get into when i was younger but i here they are not as bad as before, they're based out of RI, the state i grew up in so that info the OP stated sounds like RI mentality. permits are very rare and EVERYONE is afraid of firearms. when we called them about our home here in TN, the topic of firearms never came up.

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    I was an agent for 25 years, and an underwriter before that. None of my carriers ever asked that question. If they did, I'd ask them back if they require their auto insureds to never have any gas in their cars. A car can kill more people quicker than any gun after all.

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