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Thread: Thinking on getting the M&P 15 sport any feedback would be appreciated-

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    Get yourself a Glock instead.

  3. ^ lol

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    Is it true that the m&p 15 sport is manufactured by a company called stag arms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usa007 View Post
    Is it true that the m&p 15 sport is manufactured by a company called stag arms?
    It's a Smith and Wesson rifle so I don't think so. The M&P rifle has been around for a few years now. I don't own one but know 2 people who do. They swear loyalty to them. I would buy one all day long except for the assault weapon ban that was signed into law here in 2004 by A-hole Mitt Romney. They would have to be MA complaint and that means fixed stock, no muzzle device, can't have a bayonet lug... etc... All the things that make the AR great.

    I have a pre-ban Colt A2 fixed carry handle rifle that I am planning to get a flat top upper for. Will get an M&P upper for it.

    I have 5 S&W firearms and have no issues with any of them. I just bought the M&P15-22 rifle over a month ago and fell in love with rimfire again... I use it for practice/drills at 3 cents per round vs 35-40 cents..
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Smith & Wesson put thier name on the M&P 15; When I buy that brand I know that I have purchased a high quality firearm. While I admit I am unfamilar with Stag Arms I have no doubt that they followed S&W specs in the manufactoring of the M&P 15. so,if S&W has HASBRO construting weapons and are placing thier reputation to the quality of the workmanship and operation of said weapons I'd have two questions:

    1) have i ever got a bad S&W?

    2) do I Know anyone that has bought a bad S&W?

    I would Have to answer both questions NO


    It's 04:04 and I haven't slept so pardon any errors in spelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usa007:215175
    Is it true that the m&p 15 sport is manufactured by a company called stag arms?
    Got this off wikipedia:

    Unveiled at SHOT Show 2006, the rifle debuted in two varieties; the M&P15 and the M&P15T. Both are basically the same rifle, chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, with the T model featuring folding sights and a four-sided accessories rail. At its debut, the M&P15's suggested retail price was $1,200, while the M&P15T retailed for $1,700. Their current line consists of four models, ranging in price from $1,049 to $2,200. These rifles were first produced by Stag Arms, but marketed under the Smith & Wesson name.[3] Currently Smith & Wesson makes the lower receiver in house while the barrel is supplied by Thompson/Center, an S&W company.

  8. Several top end ARs do not have the forward assist. "The original forward assist is the concave cutout in the exposed section of the bolt carrier. To seat the bolt you simply place a finger in the cutout and press forward. "When you get a cartridge that won't seat in a rifle," according to Stoner, "and you deliberately drive it in, usually you are buying yourself more trouble." Noveske Thunder Ranch and Shootrite katana do not have them.
    The Truth About Guns did a nice review of one.

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    Where do you read that stag arms builds the m&p rifles? Is it in the manual or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usa007 View Post
    was it easy to remove the handguard?
    Yeah - I have a D-ring compressing tool, but I can also do it by hand.

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