A little help...?!??
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Thread: A little help...?!??

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    A little help...?!??

    What are all the abbreviations on this/other sites? I know LEO is law enforcement officer and what CCP is but I've seen others... Can we get a list going?

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    Good question, I have issues at times too, but you'll pick up most in reading, you can also google search certain ones. Wikipedia is good for them too. The concealed carry permits go by bunches of abbriviations, CWP = concealed weapons permit, CPP = concealed pistol permit, CCP = concealed carry permit, there are others and they depend on what the state being discussed calls it; as a general rule, in casual conversiation they are interchangable. OC is open carry. I don't know that we could build a list that wouldn't get very repetitive and cluttered. Maybe talk a mod into making a sticky and consolidating everything into the first post of the thread.

    If someone cracks off some acronym that I don't know, I just ask them what they mean. The searches could lead to assumptions of what they said and not be anything like what they intended.

  4. They can be confusing. I also think it would be nice to have a section that would list them for reference.
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    I do get a kick out of the abbreviations. BUG who wants a bug? Oh a Back Up Gun. What about the BG? huh bugger? no the Bad Guy. Of course IMHO? In My Humble Opinion. Had to figure it all out on my own. WTF ha haaa got you Of course it stands for "Winning The Future"! Winning the future???? WTF!
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    CCW Badge = an often ridiculed topic of humor that gets discused or disgusted amongst the sheepdogs.

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    Sheepdogs.... You mean the protectors? Or is that your terminology for n00bs?

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    Sheepdogs, the self appointed defenders of the general population? (Not to be confused with LEOs and the Military, who are paid and sworn to the job.)

    AD = Accidental discharge.

    Castle Doctrine = One's home is one's "castle". You come in unbidden, you are a legitimate target, with no frivolous legal repercussions. (Often referred to as the "Make my day!" Law. Facitiously, of course.)

    GG = "Good Guys"! (Not to be confused with my usual "signature".)

    RSO = Range Safety Officer

    AG, A2A = "Anti Gunners", "Anti 2nd Ammendment"

    Hopliphobes/Gunaphobes = Lit. Those afraid of guns/weapons. Sometimes feigned, sometimes legit. Always used with disdain for those affected.

    Just a few to add to the lexiconography.

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    Thanks for the help gunny.

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    OP = original poster I think. Refers to whomever started the thread. Thread? something you sew with. LOL

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