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Thread: What Was Your First Pistol & Do You Still Have It?

  1. Browning "Challenger" 22LR pistol purchased when first produced in 1962 that I used that year to qualify for the state pistol team. I switched to a S&W M42 for competition to match the grip angle of my centerfire pistols. I kept the Browning for a "kit" gun carried in a holster and, later, gave it to my oldest son who still has it.

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    First pistol was a Rossi 711 (stainless, .357, 4" full lug barrel). It has only recently been replaced at my side by a Ruger P89. The Rossi is starting to show its age. Lockup isn't as tight as it once was, a little more end-shake, and the adjustable rear sight just kind of flops around. I'll probably fix it up one of these days, but for now its earned a rest.

  4. Don't even remember the brand but it was a .380 in a small 1911 style. That was a long time ago.

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    A Colt Frontier Scout 22 with the extre 22 mg cly. Still have both. Was giving to me by my Granddad about 1960.
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    My first gun was my H&K USP 9mm. It was about 10 years ago and I still carry it as my car gun every once in a while.
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    45+ or so years ago ...

    my first handgun was a .22 revolver, 'Saturday Night Special' (I have no idea what the make or model was) purchased at a hardware store for around 25.00

    After a couple of years it literally fell apart.

    My first 'real' pistol was a 1911 .45
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    The first handgun I ever bought, is my 2nd gen Glock Model 22 that I bought used in the late-90s. (see my avatar for a pic of it)
    I still have it, but I'm thinking of finally parting with it.
    Since, I decided to get rid of all my .40S&W handguns and its the last of my .40S&W handguns.
    I might send it into Glock to have it refinished and reframed before selling it. But, I don't really know.
    Guess I'm dragging my feet since it's the first handgun I ever bought.

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    High Standard Model GB, Wish I still had it!!!

    My first was a High Standard Model GB. It had a 4.5" and a 6.0" barrel. I paid $42.50 for it (used) in 1962 in Rochester, Minnesota. and the dealer threw in two boxes of shells! I traded it for a .30 M1 Carbine in 1974. I still have the carbine. My 10 year old grandson got his first deer with the carbine last fall, four point buck at about 60 yards! I have regretted the trade ever since. Wish I had just coughed up the cash for the carbine.

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    Smile My first

    My first pistol is a ruger security six .357 revolver bought it back in 1984 and still shoots like new.

  11. Smile First Gun

    My first pistol was a Taurus Buffalo Scout with a 5 3/4" barrel in .22 calibre. This was one sweet pistol for a wheel gun! Bought it used at K-Mart while with my dad in the early 1980's for $75. I lost it to a pawn shop when I was down on luck. The pawn shop closed. Two years ago I found one online & paid way too much for it! The piece was so disgusting when I got it I spent most of two days stripping all the lead from the barrel, tightening every single screw and doing a very thorough cleaning! It now shoots fine and gives me some comfort to know I have something akin to what I lost. I currently have it with a friend who is making new Cocobola hand grips for it. I still wish I never got rid of the original! Everyone I allow to use this one loves it. It is great for new shooters tolearn with & I hasve tsaught several friends and nieces & nephews how to shoot with it.
    Love the nostalgia of this thread! Thanks!
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