Sig Sauer P245 Conceled (inside the wasteband) Holster Recommendation and ExpandedMag
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Thread: Sig Sauer P245 Conceled (inside the wasteband) Holster Recommendation and ExpandedMag

  1. Sig Sauer P245 Conceled (inside the wasteband) Holster Recommendation and ExpandedMag

    I am looking to carry my sig p245, any holster recommendations? I really dont want to spend $200+ dollars?

    Also I want to know if they ever came out witha magazine that held more than 6 rounds?


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    check out the Crossbreed Holsters might be something you like. I have 2 one for a 1911 and the other for Glock 27

  4. Thanks I will check them out, Birthday in September may have to wait until then!

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    When I carried the Sig P245 was prior to anyone making a holster for the P245. I finally had one made by Internation Handgun Leather (IHL) in Phoenix, Arizona. I would check with Black Hawk, Fobus, Safariland, Bianchi, etc. I just had a holster made for my Springfield XD 9 mm 5" barrel by Safariland, being that I'm in a wheel chair I found what looked like it would work from me and had the Thigh Holster made, took about three weeks to make. I love the holster and it ran around $126.00. The holster has a safety release slide that is in the right postion to remove the XD as quick as if there were no safety release.

    To be honest, I do not believe the Sig P 245 really became a very popular from Sig since Sig came out around the same time with the Sig P229 9/40 became available. I eventually traded the P245 for the P229. I wish you good luck in finding what you like in a holster for the P245
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  6. Thanks for the posts, I did find a crossbreed that works off their second hand sight for $40, Christmas present from my wife so I will have to wait until then to actually get it and use it. I have had the p245 for a long time, fell in love with the 220 and bought the 245 for carrying, Just now getting around to getting a permit to carry. I may find it to be to big and look for something else. I definatnly prefer the .45 but a .40 would be worth looking at.'

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    check out clevland holisters they make a nice iwb

  8. Got the Crossbreed from there "seconds" website, $60 horse hide. Like it so far, havn't really adjusted it much it fit nicely out of the box, I was carrying it at a 2 oclock position but wasnt real comfortable sitting in the car, I am trying the 4oclock posistion now but i dont think it as concealled in that position. I am able to tuck my tee shirt in around it so my outside shirt doesnt show the gun when the shirt lifts.

  9. I recommend the Maxtuck holster from White Hat Holsters. Similar construction and quality to Crossbreed but you can change the Kydex scabbard for $20 if you change weapons. They are supremely comfortable and concealable. I wear mine in average 15 hours every day and have taken 9 hour road trips wearing it at 3:30 with zero discomfort. Their customer service is excellent and you have two weeks to return the holster no questions asked. They also have a lifetime warranty. Tony Farah, the owner, answers questions personally and promptly and is a great guy. The holster is tuckable as well and conceals perfectly in slacks with a tucked shirt.

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    Here is my Cleveland. i have the Crossbreed also but like this one better and it was 1/2 the price.

    I whited out my name on the back of the holster...Not a defect...
    Sig Sauer P245 Conceled (inside the wasteband) Holster Recommendation and ExpandedMag-img_4808.jpgSig Sauer P245 Conceled (inside the wasteband) Holster Recommendation and ExpandedMag-img_4809.jpg

  11. Thanks for the post guys, it would be nice to try out a few more but unfourtunately money is a little tight so the crossbreed will probably have to be it for a while, like I said I am pretty happy with it, the P245 i carry is just pretty big...

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