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  1. Glock 23 im'perfection'

    I bought my Glock 23 about 6 months ago. Fantastic gun, and I've put about 700 hundred rounds through it, with only 2 feed issues (white box Walmart ammo). However, upon inspecting my gun thoroughly, I've notice that on the wall inside the slide, where the firing pin comes through the wall and strikes the bullet, there's a circular carving where it looks like Glock went about a millimeter in too deep while manufacturing and cutting the metal. Anyone else seen this? I've heard of one other story where with a similar problem, a man's firewall actually cracked all the way through. Just curious. Thanks!


  3. I'll slip by a local shop on my way to pick up some HEI materials and see if we can find one that's like that. Glock 23

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