.40 vs 9mm for self defense
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Thread: .40 vs 9mm for self defense

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    .40 vs 9mm for self defense

    What caliber do you prefer and why??

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    I like 9mm, cheaper price, more controllable recoil, and just feels right to me. Not over kill, not under kill.
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    I carry a .40, just because that's what I bought at the time. I've shot 9mm and can't tell the diff on the recoil. I like the punch the .40 has. 9mm would be a little cheaper to shoot but I still prefer the .40

  5. When a life depends on the first shot doing it's job. The .40S&W is my choice.

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    Both are going to do what you want them to do. I have had a little bit of a shift and had .40 for just about all my carry guns. I had .40 because that was what I had in Law Enforcement, but have been making a shift to the 9 myself because the differences between the damage of a .40 and a 9 is almost non-existent for most people.

    Medical Examiners have looked at bodies and could not tell the difference in the wound cavities of 9-40-45 and were not able to tell until they found the round itself. I have gone to carrying more 9 because I have a little bit higher capacity, it is cheaper to shoot, the recoil is not as snappy/sharp and I can get rounds down range just a little bit faster because the split is just a little bit less.

    Both are great rounds and you won't do wrong with either one. .40 has more penetration power but I have no problem with trusting modern 9mm hollow points to do what they need to do. Most of us do not need to shoot through barriers like car doors in our everyday carry scenarios. You will have people that say one is better than the other but with the advances in round design you are going to be equally effective with either.
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  7. It's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. If you have to use it, nobody will be able to tell the difference anyhow if you put the shots where they need to go.

    Go with what YOU find that YOU can shoot the best and are the most comfortable and confident in using. There is no magic bullet, brand or model gun that is the best. There is only a bullet, brand and model of gun that works best for an individual.

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    9mm because I can find it anywhere in the world. I used to take a 9mm and a .45 with me overseas. I could hardly ever find .45 and .40 is nearly non-existent outside the US. I carry a sub-compact 9mm and I am very accurate including instinct shooting with it. Too comfortable and confident in it to change.
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    i carry a .40 just beacuse i like the power behind the round and with the right ammo there is alot of it. 9mm is no joke, to me thats the lowest id carry as a primary gun, but all of my hand guns are .40 so...

    use what works and shoots the best for you, after all its about shot placement anyway, if you do your job the round will do its.

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    It makes no difference. The best rounds in either caliber are about the same. I have both, and would carry either one with the right ammo.

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    Which one ever one feel's the most comfortable and you have confidence in to protect you and your loved ones life. I have carrird the 45ACP for over 30 years then had surgery on my shoulders and tried the 40 S&W with same results to shoulder pain, I now carry the 9mm with confidence and my training in shot placement. This has little to no pain in the shoulders and it is very cost effective to feed.

    I cannot tell you which caliber is the best choice for you, only you can make that decision. Although, find a range that rents firearms and try out the ones that you think you may want to purchace.
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