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Thread: How do you feel about a 21 year old carrying?

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    You are old enough to defend our country as well as serve in law
    law enforcement. As long as a person accepts the responsibility of
    carrying I have no problem with it.

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    I'm 18 and for my whole life I have been around firearms. I know the ins and outs of most, MOST firearm safety measures (I'm sure there are a few far fetched ideas I don't know about) as for cc I took my ccw class 3 months before my birthday and got my CCP 7 days after my 18th birthday. (it's legal in my state at 18) that being said, I know alot of people older then me who say I am more responsible with a weapon then they are because I research and practice all the time, and I make sure I know the gun I'm going to carry (it's my dads and he let's me use it)

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    If I have it my way now, gun awareness should start as soon as one is born. Our youngest son is a gun nut. We can trust him with a gun, any gun. He was licensed at 21...can hardly wait to be 21 so he can have his CCW. When it comes to guns, he is very responsible. Other things? fuggedaboutit...we wish he'd grow up day.
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    Thumbs up reece

    I'm a 43 year old straight-laced plain-jane mom and my co-workers give me crap about carrying, so age has nothing to do with the narrow minded attitudes of the people you will come across. My best suggestion is "Don't ask, Don't tell or show." It's amazing how many people don't know I'm packing. And when they say something my best reply is, "I never know who or what is going to attack me or my friends and I want to be protected." Coodoes to you for getting educated and practicing to a good comfort level

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    So what's to say? Sounds like you got your head on square to me! Carry on! And be proud!

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    Fuhr52 said it best....MATURITY. As the father of a teen I have always judged by maturity. Driving, dating, etc. As far as being stereo-typed, get used to it; you will probably deal with it your whole life. Some people will just never understand the true CCW world. You're doing things right and following the rules of safety. It can be hard, but try now to argue to much with the anti-gun crowd. Like I said, you may never get through to them.

  8. In my opinion, I feel that you should have the financial security in order to protect yourself should you have to use the firearm you carry. I also believe that a twenty one year old still may not have fully developed the right relationships with alcohol and other individuals; and the presence of a firearm could exacerbate these underdeveloped relationships.

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    Nothing new here, just another vote for age not equalling one's maturity or ability to competently carry a gun. I have carried since I was young and I had to draw twice to defend friends who were not as mature and in very deep trouble. Each time wound up with the perp running away, but if I had not been "16 going on 60" as my parents put it, I might not have been trusted to carry. I was always a lot more mature than my chronological age and some people just handle mature subjects better than others. Continue to carry and be responsible and don't worry about defending yourself to anyone else.
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    I am a firm believer in the scientific study about brains not developing until around age 25. However I am also a firm believer that some develop younger and some never at all. There is also the fact that knowing all about guns and being able to handle one safely doe not equal being able to judge when and how to use one if needed on should not be used. I have no problems with a 21 year old carrying as long as they are aware of the responsibilities and consequences of carrying and understand those. You must also have the ability to not allow your friends to influence you into doing something stupid. Just because you have the maturity does not mean your friends also have it and can you resist their influence.

    As many have pointed out there are too many 40+ people running around with guns that have no business with one. Always remember that for you a gun is a defensive device for YOUR use and never to be used as an offensive one or as a toy to be played with or shown off.

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