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    My Glock 22 hasnt been too happy with Remington UMC .40SW, I get failure to feeds with it quite often and its a new gun, so I think its the ammo that is the problem.
    What are your favorite brands of .40SW for target shooting?
    I just bought a box of 250 in .40 cal.,I hope they don't give me problems.
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    I had some 357 that jammed in my revolver and a 9 mm that would not feed in my m&p. No more Remington for me

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    I stopped using Remington ammo for various reasons. Had nothing but bad luck with the .22LR... Had some feeding issues with .45auto... Federal and Winchester work well. TulAmmo (Russian stuff) works fine in the Beretta...
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    I've had several students using the 23 with the same ammo without problems. The two that did have caught themselves limp-elbowed (good old shock absorber), once they corrected the human problem no more jams. But, that was the 23 and not the 22.

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    Did some more research and from what I've read online, it could just be a magazine problem causing failure to feeds and not the ammo. Apparently Glock has 8 different generations of mags now and most of mine are generation 6. So I'll just have to number each mag, try different ammo, and note what mags and what ammo is being used when it fails to feed another round into the chamber.

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