Crosman 760 Powermaster Repair/Parts???
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Thread: Crosman 760 Powermaster Repair/Parts???

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    Crosman 760 Powermaster Repair/Parts???

    I have an older Crosman air rifle. It's the Model 760 Powermaster BB/.177 Pellet (S/N 05821207). It no longer holds the pressure after cranking it up, whether 1 or 10 pumps.

    Any suggestions on a fix, or where I could get replacement parts? I've had this air rifle for quite a few years & really would prefer to keep it for memory's sake, but as a working gun. Your help would be appreciated.

    Also, can the year of manufacture be determined from the S/N?


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    I can't help you but you did rekindle some fond memories!

    Back in the 70s, before the advent of the paintball, the 760 was my weapon of choice when my friends and I would head out to the woods to play our version of Capture the Flag. The rules were simple - 2 pumps max and you had to aim below the chest. Denim clothing protected the skin and old motorcycle helmets and goggles protected the noggin. The old man was a little ticked when I modified my 760 by sawing off the stock and the end of the barrel in order to turn it into a close-quarters carbine! Parents - they just don't understand

    Ahhhhhhhh the memories..........
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    Crosman makes a repair kit for that rifle. Several companies sell it including (I think) Big 5. I can't remember where I got my parts but try a Google search.
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    Have you tried oiling the piston? There is a spot on mine there you are supposed to occasionally put some oil in so that it can maintain a seal. If not, then you may have to go with that repair kit....

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    I purchased a 1950's era Crossman .22 cal repeater bolt action with a tubular magazine from a garage sale for 20 bucks back in the early 90's. The lady said it was her sons and she used it to kill squirrels that would invade her yard. It was powered by two co2 cartridges. The co2 would leak out rather quickly. I sent it to Crossman and they repaired and for around thirty dollars and shipped it back. It is still a great shooter and works fine not to mention the value of a collectable gun. There was a note in the box with the gun from the repair department saying they don't see many of the old ones. It's a keeper.
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