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    All of my handguns except three are polymer, and I for one don't give a damned what others say. I carry either my Taurus PT145 or my PT709. I rotate them out with either my Ruger LC9 or Rossi 46102, but I always have my TCP/738 in my lefy front pocket. One advantage polymer has over steel or aluminum frames is the number of rounds polymer allows you to carry vs all metal framed guns...
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    There is nothing wrong with tupperware guns. - LOL! I have a Walther P99AS. Very nice pistol.
    I carry a 1911 though. I am much more accurate with it. Yes, it has less rounds, but it is thinner. There is a lot less recoil on the 1911 than the Polymer gun. Also a fully loaded tupperware is very close to the weight of a fully loaded 1911. Those extra rounds make up a signifcant amount of weight.

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    I would not worry at all ... there are some traditionalists who think the only handgun worth a damn is an all steel 1911 and they will tell you "plastic" guns are crap. Just go and ask your friendly police officer what he is carrying as a reality check.

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    I spend a lot of time with a Glock 36, and an LCP, for quite a while. No problems so far.
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    I am new to USA Carry and from reading some of the post I have seen some negative comments about polymer fram teguns.I am a begginer shooter who have been shooting for about a year now. I have my CCW Permit and I have three polymer frame guns. I have a Glock 27, a Ruger SR9C and a Ruger LCP. What is the basic drawback, if any to polymer frame guns. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks
    Don't sweat it. I have them all, polymers, alloys, steels, and love them all, but carry the polymers 99% of the time. They're lighter, don't rust (on the frame at least) and feed reliably.

    So if polymer is what you have and like, tear it up and shoot the heck out of them!

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    Welcome to the forum and congradulations on your handgun selection.

    The Polymer-Vs-Whatever discussion has been around a long time, and as you can tell from some of the feedback here there are a lot of proponents of Polymer. In my opinion there is nothing inferior about Polymer framed guns especially if you are in the profession of arms and have to carry for extended periods or distances.

    Early Polymer designs were a little sensitive to cleaning fluids especially if you used brake cleaner to remove dirt and residue. Today's designs are better as are the types of cleaning materials available.

    Personally, I prefer all steel and/or alloy guns simply because I take advantage of the extra weight to improve my shooting skills. I typically shoot Berettas (M9/92FS/92G) and CZs (75B/P01)on the range but carry a Polymer framed Kahr PM9. I like the weight of the PM9 although it's a handful to shoot as is your LCP I suspect.

    You've probably already figured out there are a lot of folks out there that think Polymer is like Tupperware or plastic. There are also a lot of folks that don't like metal injection molding versus forged steel, and integrated locks on S&W revolvers. Over time you'll develop great skill at filtering out fact from fantasy on these forums.
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