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    1) Can be "recoil anticipation", as stated above.

    2) Could also be taking a six o' clock sight picture inadvertently, given that one sometimes has trouble keeping sight on target while focusing on the front sight and the target is "fuzzy" as a result.

    3) Could be as simple as needing more "elevation" cranked onto the sights. Although at 40 feet, there should be no way that "out of the box sights settings" should be that low.

    4) Which leaves a manufactorer's sight alignment error. (These days..... probably the least likely "reason".)

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  3. Iam2taz, It is a Bersa .380 with 600 rounds through it and I go see some anticipation (maybe more than I realize).
    Firefighter I have been looking at them online for practice. Just havent ordered them yet. trying to find a good deal.

  4. Gunny, your last option I checked out today. The inside range had a gunsmith and he checked, just checked the sights for $10. no adjustments needed. Which made me feel good since I was the one who has mest with them. I did something right. LOL :)
    one thing I did at home was practice the 2 degree elevation correction with my son who checked the level then I went to the range to try it. It seemed to work better but still all over the target.

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    Well, just might be a glitch you developed with that gun.

    I bought my wife a Walther's 22 target so she could practice her marksmanship cheaply. (Only reason to own a .22 pistol IMHO. Although if my herd of tree squirrels gets any worse, I MAY find a second use for the gun.) I fired it and ran 100 rounds through it, but I found (after trying to adjust sights repeatedly) that I was "pushing" the barrel to the right (I'm a southpaw) because the grip is too small for my hands. So I "squeeze" and it goes to the right.

    That not being bad enough, I find that this little bother has transmitted itself to every gun I own. Thus, at 20 yards, slow fire, rapid fire, don't matter a bit, I have a nice 2-3 inch grouping of shots, all sitting 3-4 inches to the right of center of mass at exactly three o' clock.

    Despite three trips to the range and careful concentration on the trigger squeeze, it's always the same. MOST annoying! This from a .45 cal pistol expert who never missed his expert's badge through twenty years of requal firing. AND, prior to the incident with the .22, was shooting quite accurately with all my guns.

    Wife shoots 'em, no problems. Can your eyes get so bad to cause that sort of thing?

    Ya gotcha a bad habit there! Is all I can figure for my malady. Now..... if I could only figure out how to get RID of the annoying "twitch". LOL!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Grognard Gunny View Post
    Well, just might be a glitch you developed with that gun.
    Ya gotcha a bad habit there! Is all I can figure

    Yeah I know I push to the left if I dont pay attention when I pull the trigger w/o the pad of the finger. But working on it. I probably squeeze too much and the anticipation. But I have taught myself to aim with both eyes open in a week (equates to 2 trips to the range and lots of practice in the house with an empty gun of coarse

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    I shot several guns before I bought my first EDC. Many - many people love Glocks. Outstanding weapons, not doubt about it. Yet, I couldn't hit the center of a barn from the inside with the couple I tried. lol Picked up my Walter and put them in the middle. Perhaps, as Gunny says, it is a glitch with you and the gun.
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  8. There appears to be several things going on with your target. You are having issues on 2 axies. I would start with grip. Unload your firarm check it clear and grasp it by the barrel in your non firing hand. Push the butt of the pistol into your firing hand you should feel a groove where the butt fits nicely. Ensure the grip is as high on the frame as possible. FIRMLY wrap your fingers across the front of the grip keeping your trigger finger along the frame. Grip the weapon as tightly as possible. The web of your thumb should be almost spilling over the backstrap but not to the point where you would be injured by slide action.

    Your non firing hand should be in a comfortable position supporting but not gripping the firing hand. The firing hand pushes forward and the non firing hand pulls backwards in a relaxed but firm tension.

    Aim down the sight grip the gun as tightly as possible now relax slightly. You want to grip the gun just tight enough that it does not move when you try to grip it tighter but no firmer. This will take practice.

    A high and tight grip will go a long way toward improving your accuracy.

    I will leave it to someone else to discuss the second aspect of accuracy: Trigger control
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  9. Thanks for the info Doc. I have tried that today(empty gun) and it does feel different in the hand and steadier as well.

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    Here is a chart that may help you "Troubleshoot."

    Need help.-correction_chart.gif

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