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Thread: 4 shot after George Clinton show in Ohio

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    I'm not going to play the race card either; because this is NOT a game of cards! (THIS is a deadly serious subject!)

    But, some people in the black community need to really open there eyes and realize "race" definitely plays a factor in a lot of cases like this. I suspect this may be drug or gang related; though I really don't know.

    But, let's be honest, how often have heard about someone being shot & killed after a "Toby Kieth", "Kid Rock" or other "white" entertainer's performance?

    IMHO; there is absoluetly nothing "racist" about such an observation.

    I think it would be very wise for some of our "community organizers" to open their eyes and take an honest look at REAL problems in the black community.

    I am poor white guy; who has worked with the poor and impovered in the community. I've let several "black" ex-cons live in my house for months (with my wife & children). I've also given them jobs; or helped them find jobs. I have helped several get a new start.

    But, it seems that the only thing most "black" political & religious leaders want to do is place "BLAME" on people like GW Bush, White CEOs and other such scapegoats.

    Reps, like James Clyburn (whom I once shared an office with), Al Shapton, Rev Wright and others are the kinds of people I'm talking about. These people are more about complaining than they actually are about trying to solve the REAL problems in there own community.

    If people in the black community could get past Obamas race, they would see that he falls into the "complainer" catagory as well. The only thing he has done since being elected, is complain and pass the blame on others. Their Dear POTUS and so-called messiah of the black community has FAILED them miserably! (That my friends is the honest to God TRUTH!!!)

    As anyone who has ever "successfully" fought an addiction can attest to--, the FIRST step to FREEDOM is: being honest about the REAL problem; YOU! Afterall, ultimately it is "you" (as an individual) that decides to drink, take drugs, join a gang AND even remain impoversed. It is "YOU" as an individual that will stand before GOD. Believe me, excuses like: it was George Bush's fauly; or the republicans, the white oppressed me is NOT going to cut it once you are before Almighty God!

    The blame game is really getting OLD!

    It's time true "LEADERSHIP" steps up and takes control. (White or Black!)

    BTW; I've been a big fan of artist like George Clinton since the 70's.
    True dat.

  3. I know the the city and the area but I could take you to a white section of the same side of town where you would get the same exact result different performer but same result and stats can be scewed any way you want them done it before college project

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    I don't know if any on this forum are familiar with Newburgh N.Y. in Orange County. It is the crime and gang capital in this area. I wouldn't walk downtown after dark fully armed even with body armor.
    I went to my friends Labor Day party last Sat. in Newburgh. Middle class mixed single family home neighborhood. He has one every year. Showed up at 11am to help cook as I was off last week on vacation.
    Usually anywhere between 300 and 350 people show up. I was the only white guy amongst 25 people helping to get ready until people started showing up at about 2pm. The only ones that seemed a little miffed were the young, 10-16 yr olds. They couldn't figure me out. Understand I am blond haired, ponytail, ride an old Indian motorcycle and am not conventional in any way.
    My friend and I and most of the attendees are in our mid 50s and above. Age range for the party was 30s to 60s with kids thrown in for good measure. When the party was in full swing there were about 350+ people, 60/40 black to white, 150+ bikes, mostly Harleys, and not ONE issue of improper language or acting person there. The food was out of this world. There was alcohol, beer only,(Unless you were one of the help,LOL) but I didn't see one person that was out of control.
    I would like to think that the younger people that were there learned something. It's not about color, it's about how you act and present and conduct yourself around and towards others that counts. People can get along. If attitudes and preconceptions are left at the door and you conduct yourself as you would like to be treated, it could work.
    This party, unfortunatly, only happens once a year, but if I hadn't attended these parties myself, I wouldn't believe it. I don't know if it was because most everybody rode motorcycles or what, but it was one of the BEST parties I have ever been to and trust me I have been to quite a few.
    I do agree, enviroment plays a large part of how people turn out but at some point you can remove yourself from that and become a productive part of society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panheadzz View Post
    I don't know if any on this forum are familiar with Newburgh N.Y. in Orange County. It is the crime and gang capital in this area. I wouldn't walk downtown after dark fully armed even with body armor.
    Ah, my old stomping grounds... lived in Poughkeepsie but spend too much time in Newburgh. ;)

    Wish I'd run into you and saw that Indian!

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