Who carries the Glock 21 - the big 45?
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Thread: Who carries the Glock 21 - the big 45?

  1. Who carries the Glock 21 - the big 45?

    I usually carry the big Glock 21 IWB in a Crossbreed holster. I have become comfortable as well as comforted with the full size 45. Who else carries the big 45? What's you preferred carry rig?

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    I carry a 21SF in cooler weather using a Galco Summer Comfort IWB holster and usually covered by a vest. If I am just using an untucked shirt, I will usually carry the shorter 30SF or the 36. I consider the 21SF (and its brother the 20SF) to be excellent belt and / or car pistols and carry them when I am in the field. I like the longer barrel hand higher capacity when the potential ranges could be longer, or if I have to shoot through layers of clothes (which is why I often carry the 21SF in the winter). I like the shorter 30SF when I need to clear the holster in the minimum amount of time.

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    i carry the glock 21 most of the time its a good gun to carry......

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    I carry my 21 everywhere I go.

    I use a kangaroocarry holster. Carry all day and forget it is there.

    My opinion is the holster is good for hot or cold carry, and great when wearing my shorts.
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    Been carrying a Glock 21 for years. Had a 30, but upgraded it to another 21 too. Use a CCW Notebook mostly from these guys: CCWSUPPLY.BIZ - CCW Conceal Carry Notebook Portfolio

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