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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    Hey! Guess what I do for a living? Sell gun safes! Well, I don't actually sell them, I do other stuff like writing and social media.
    I thought you were in the CCW Badge business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    I thought you were in the CCW Badge business.
    Well, I'm going to be involved with another project the owners are doing--the firearms sales. I'll try to convince them that we need to stock the badges next to the ammo and extra mags, but they might be reluctant. I already tried to convince the boss he needed to send me to a Massad Ayoob workshop, and he totally didn't buy it.

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    I have a small safe for the handguns but someone could steal the safe. I keep a few 22 rifles on a gun rack in my home office and the good ones like the AR's hidden in some very obscure places that I am sure nobody would look and trust me they are hidden well. Although I would gladly sacrifice the 22's I would still hate to have any stolen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Well if you are going to sell CCW Badges, you should also sell, Brasso, belt clip CCW Badge holders, and of course those infamous neck chain CCW Badge holder thingies.
    and of course,

    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    CCW Capes
    CCW Sashes
    CCW Headbands
    CCW Armbands
    CCW Masks, because concealed means concealed
    CCW boots, similar to Wraslin boots with the letters "CCW" on the side

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    I had a .308 rifle stolen a about 2 years ago. Now I have a very large safe. It took four of us to get it in the house with a hand truck. We live on a rise. Now a couple of very large guys could get it out, but they would have to drop it in the bed of a truck. Probably break the springs.

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  7. Quote Originally Posted by g50ae:217496
    Quote Originally Posted by g50ae View Post
    well if you are going to sell ccw badges, you should also sell, brasso, belt clip ccw badge holders, and of course those infamous neck chain ccw badge holder thingies.
    and of course,

    Quote Originally Posted by g50ae View Post
    ccw capes
    ccw sashes
    ccw headbands
    ccw armbands
    ccw masks, because concealed means concealed
    ccw boots, similar to wraslin boots with the letters "ccw" on the side

    l m a o!!!

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    The safe I bought when I first bought my present home is both a monster and situated where it took two strong men, with a handtruck AND a couple of other moving aides almost an hour to get it in and set. I don't believe it will take unequiped thieves any less time to remove it.

    On the other hand, the only time all of my guns are in that safe is when we go on vacation, and those that we don't take with us are locked up.

    I'm retired, am usually around the house 80% of the time (with no "pattern" as to when I am NOT around) and keep a weapon sequestered in every room of the house (just in case) normally. Not only that, but my neighbor and I have a working arrangement to keep an eye out for each other's interests when one or the other of us is out of town.

    I'm not too worried. (But..... Am I paranoid enough! LOL!)

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    "Paranoia is merely a heightened state of awareness."

    "It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you."

    I'm with you. Being home, making the place look occupied when you're not, keeping an unpredictable schedule, this is all good. I live in a little rural logging & mill town. Everyone has at least some sort of hunting gun. There are always a few meth-heads around who will steal things if they are not watched. But nobody messes with an occupied house, because, well, everyone has at least some sort of hunting gun...

    A safe is good, but being there is better.
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    I had several rifles, pistols stolen along with other things over 25 yrs ago when some thugs broke into our house while we were out of town over the weekend. I had a safe but it wasn't one of the better ones at the time but now I spent the money forone of the best and it's bolted to the floor in my walk-in closet in my bedroom. Spend the money now to protect your investments and save yourself the hassel later if you do happen to get broken into. It's one of the worst feelings to come home after some sorry low life thug has broke in and took stuff you spent your hard earn money for. Special after those thugs violated your personal space!!

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