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    I had one a traded it on a rifle. At times I almost wish I had it back. t was reliable, shot great, ugly as a Glock, heavy, worth every penny and more. Gun snobs hate them and most people that have one love them.

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    Taurus makes reliable and comparatively inexpensive weapons. I own an older PT 58, a used PT 92 (not so old) and a brand new 7 shot tracker revolver. Nary a problem with any of them. For the price, I am an advocate.

    Besides, I am somewhat reluctant to shell out twice the price for a similar quality weapon, just because it is a "Name Brand". The "keeping up with the Jones'es" "sales pitch" has gone the way of the dodo in today's market and economic situation.

    You get what "feels right for you", at a price that is of the same consideration, and gives you the "bang" for the buck you want. (Sic!)

    Hell, my home defence buckshot spreader is a Chinese made $189 gun show special that has never given me an ounce of trouble or concern over the five years I have owned it and fired it. "It ain't pretty, but it works!"

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    There's a reason why there have been very few "successful" blowback semi-auto handguns in calibers more powerful than 9x18mm Makarov. They require ludicrously massive slides, ludicrously powerful recoil springs, or usually BOTH.

    The Hi Points do nothing I want done in any way in which I want it done.

    There are plenty of deals on used revolvers and semi-autos VASTLY superior to the Hi Point. If you want a cheap 9x19mm handgun, I'd go with a surplus Walther P-1, preferably with the reinforcing pin.

  5. Go for it--They are outstanding guns for the price.


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    Chaeck out youtube do a search for Hi Point you will not believe what they put the gun through and it still fires no matter what anyone says you can't beat them for the price you can buy a $1000 Kimber and get a piece of crap.But I must say they are a house gun to big to carry
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    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    Gun snobs hate them and most people that have one love them.
    If I had it to do over I'd buy a .45 ACP Hi-Point instead of the Cobra derringer.

    I found one for $175+Tax.

    'Nuff said!
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  8. I had a Hi Point. 45 a while back and loved it. The only bad thing is it was too big to carry concealed. I ended up selling it (for more than I paid for it) and bought a Jimenez Arms. 380 for myself to carry and a Jimenez Arms. 25 for the wife to carry in her purse. I've run 200+ rounds through each one and haven't had a single misfire or jam. When I was looking at pistols alot of people were dumping on the Hi Points and Jimenez Arms because of price and saying they were junk for any shot over 50 yards. I had to remind them that I didn't buy them for long range shots and if I ever did have to use them outside the range, the target is going to be much closer than 50 yards.

  9. I love my 9mm carbine with a ATI stock. Tons of fun at the range. No problems, and I can feed it any ammo I can find on sale. This set up cost less than $300.

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    My 995TS carbine has performed flawlessly.

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    I own a 40 S&W Hi Point. It has never failed to fire(1000+ rounds). I carry it on canoe and boat trips and as a back up in my truck. It has a 100% replacement guarantee and is 100% made in the USA in Ohio. I am a big guy and I used it as my first CC pistol whe that was all I could afford. There is no finesse about it, it is a big, ugly, get the job done gun at a very reasonable price.

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