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  • Everyday and everywhere I can legally

    45 61.64%
  • Same as above except at work

    23 31.51%
  • I only carry on certain occasions

    4 5.48%
  • I only carry in my cary

    1 1.37%
  • I do not carry concealed

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Thread: Do you carry 24/7?

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    I don't feel like I'm fully dressed until I have my carry on! I ccw every where I go unless it's prohibited.

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    I carry always, except for work. Since I work nights, I leave it in the nightstand for my wife. Always on in the house (except for sleeping) since I have four kids under the age of 8 who like to play with anything not nailed to the floor.

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    When is the time I will need my firearm? Most likely the time I don't have it. I always have at least one, most of the time more. Better to have it an not need it than to need it and not have it.

  5. Pants On....I'm armed.

    I have carryed daily for about 2 years now. Got so used to it, then had to take a business trip to Las Vegas....had to leave the pistol at home. Took me several days to get used to not having it on me.

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    conceal carry-24/7

    i carry all the time where it is legal,to me,it is no good if it is left in vechicle
    or home

  7. Tool I hope I never,,,,,,,,,,,,need

    Like my old pocketknife I have a firearm with me in the event I need it. I have at the very least a 32 with one in the pipe ready.

    I abide by the state laws and avoid companies and stores that think they are above the US constitution.

    I am not Rambo, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. I do not play quick draw in the mirror or play Mall Ninja on the road or in a store with a stupid badge.

    I keep to myself, avoid trouble and follow most of the rules.

    I am armed for SELF-ish reasons and I am real good at keeping a secret.

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    24/7 365

    If I walk out the door, I have my 1911.
    Brian P. Slattery

    Big Daddy's Bail Bonds
    30 Mary St. #2
    Reno, NV 89509

  9. If I'm awake, I'm carying.

    (Well, unless I'm in the shower )

    Preesheeaicha! (The Proper Role of Government)

  10. Pretty much everywhere legal except work (stupid Missouri law against carrying in hospitals ). But at work, you can bet I'm loaded up with pepper spray, stun gun, Boker knife, etc. :)
    "Though defensive violence will always be 'a sad necessity' in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men." St. Augustine A.D. 354-430


  11. Theory & Practice

    Theory: Statistically speaking, the chances of my needing a firearm are very small but the possibility is VERY real. When and where will this need occur? It could be anywhere and at any time.

    Practice: Therefore, I carry wherever I go. A lock-box in the car allows me to remove the gun when I must enter a "forbidden" location (government building, work, et cetera). Typically do not carry in my home but loaded firearm is always ready to hand AND under my control.

    That's the thought process, anyway! I am always ready to be educated.


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