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Thread: Mob at Wisconsin State Fair Racially Motivated?

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    Just another loser who has suckled off the American T all his life, bad ass in a group, ass kicked when by himself, conversation over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DETROIT CRKR KILLA View Post
    BC1 I'm good friends with the I.T. Department maybe I have them find you!!!
    Sure. It's OK. Have the IT department try to find me. As a former tech investor and owner of a well-respected NYC based digital forensics firm I'll tell you first off they can't. Secondly, what if they could? What would be your next step?

    Please realize that some of us have been joking around with you all along. It's never personal. We all welcome discourse and difference of opinion. I am always interested in others' points of view. But it should never get personal or insulting. People are entitled to their opinion without such a response. Take a step back and forget things that are posted that anger you personally. Or better yet, meet your critics with facts that impeach their statements. We all learn from another's point of view.

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    BC1 I'm good friends with the I.T. Department maybe I have them find you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    Sure, post the address for corporate headquarters. If you worked for me your tenure at Ford would be over. Do you understand how insane your arguments are?
    This clown probably works for NOBODY. Sits at home playing with his keyboard, cashing welfare checks.

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    Beauryker you're still talking trash I own you though you was done LOL you're a clown!!!!

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    Beauryker what part of Texas do you live???

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    It was the
    republicans that got segregation bill passed.
    An Inconvenient Truth.

    ~ Death Is The Great Equalizer ~

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    Boy answer me!!

  10. if thats true! change your name cause you get no remorse from me till you do.
    If I walk into a black bar with ****** killer on my t shirt I expect to fight for my life.
    as I showed no respect for them and insulted them by wearing that shirt. and I would disrespect all the black marines I served with. So I do not do that. be proud but if your feelings are disrespected you
    say why and you can see we don't( most of us) don't hate anyone. we are mad at a group of youths, teens and young men who have no supervision and are a threat to us. We go to a state fair and are attacked ,women, children,old and lone whites. And they get away with it hidding in a mob. a lot of men and women here served in the armed forces. we can fight. to protect our country from all enemys foreign and domestic thats what we swore to. and you say not that they were wrong you say WE HAVE GUNS TOO. well thats a yell for war. if you got mad because you read how we want to stop them well i can see how it would seem that we want to shoot kids, But there are kids who can kill so they need moms and dad to whip their butts.
    cause if this keeps happening someone is going to get shot. 5 cops in the med center and women and children hurt. your going see pain soon cause if this keeps going on you think the top cops are going keep their job if they do not stamp this out you will see laws making it a class x felony. if a riot starts after some white family or just a white kid get killed in this mob shix, and the cops arrest some people and blacks start tearing up the city the way it get stopped will not be the soft way, cause most of us think when a
    riot starts there might be some justification for it. not after this, most of us will get very mad and want the badguys stopped hard and put away for ever. voters will turn out for the guy who scream I CAN STOP Them I am hard on crime then laws become hard on poor and uneducated people. this ends bad for all of us cause bombs hurt every one. It will go off in the poor areas but the fallout will hit us all.
    So you can't win by hurting familes you try to build better familes, hurt us and we hit back, we hurt you and you hit back I see no end if thats what is going to be.
    change your name if you want us to see any point you have. cause nothing you say till then matters.
    your my enemy. my name is white tiger cause I had a job with white tigers when i was a kid living in LV.
    I love them and my boss called me tiger, the nick name stuck all my life.
    I love reg tigers too just the blue eyes of raja were so beautful, 6 inch claws on the bad boy. loved icecream. What do your friends call you? I am Gordon
    you want war or peace cause we can do both. but then we going have a hell of time making the world a better place cause only the powerful will have rights and guns cause we will lose both.
    attacking is not the way but if thats all you give us then thats all thats on the plate.
    the world is a hard place. While we are fighting and killing who wins, if i lose my son do I care.
    you lose your famile do you care if the war is over, after that is it too late to say OH we should have talked not screamed. but if screaming is all there is then let the ball roll lets see who hits it out of the pool. ( yea! I know it makes no sense thats my point.)
    MLK said together black kids and white kids all of God's children playing together.
    Is that ever going to happen?

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    Whitetiger ....... Wow!!!! My bad dude you're 100% correct I'm way outta line and I apologize to everyone that I've offended ...I make no excuses for my activities on this site they are way outta line and I'm better than that! I will delete this account..... I thank you for pointing out the parts I've played in this made me look at myself!!!! Again to ALL members I disrespected I'm sorry foolish of me!!! beauryker, oldgrunt,wooddoctor,bc1,Tucker'smom., localgirl and anyone else I forgot to mention my apologies again!!!!!! Most of all whitetiger thank you for making me look at how I was acting!!! I apologize to you dude!!!!

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