Time to recall old attitude about guns
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Thread: Time to recall old attitude about guns

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    Time to recall old attitude about guns

    Nice article about what guns really can be.


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    I love that movie. We get it out with all the other Christmas movies ant Christmas time. It was a more simple time. I miss the good old days of Leave it To Beaver and Andy Griffeth.
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    Good article it seems like some people have had and some always will, attach an evil stigma toward guns. Guns are like everything else we use on a daily basis they can either be used for good or evil. I try to enlighten the gun anti's, and put a positive spin on gun ownership, every time I get the chance.
    An armed society is a polite society.

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    I still remember getting my first bb gun in the 50's. Still the people today that want gun bans don't give a second thought about buying their kids war games for x-boxes and play stations. More mental damaging with the games they give them than going out in the back yard or basement and shooting a bb gun.
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