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  1. Pretty S&W 1911

    Just bought a S&W 1911.
    Product number 149724.
    "Blank Slide Horton Special Edition".
    Fancy scoll work and white bone grips.
    The fired shell envelope is dated 2004.
    Serial Number PATXXXX.
    Anybody got any information on this one?

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    I'm not familiar with that particular model, but had occasion to shoot a full-size S&W 1911 a couple of years ago. I was impressed with it. My only other 1911 experience before that was a Colt Mark IV Series 70. The Smith sights were much better and I think the external extractor is better. From what I have read earlier external extractors had problems, but Smith got it right. Everything I have read says the full size Smith 1911s are quite reliable. I have a couple of Colt 1911s now, but would like to get a Smith.

  4. I had one new out of the box. Had several light primer strikes with no bang. They said I was not squeezing the grip safety hard enough, I said bs. I traded in for a Springfield trophy match, very tight with no misses. I guess one of the union workers was pissed at management the day it came off the line. Go figure.
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