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Thread: what do you carry beside your gun, ccw permitt , dl and ammo.-flashlight???

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    How are you supposed to carry some common sense with you when you don't have any? That seems to be almost as rare as $2/gallon gas any more and there are a lot of gun owners running around without one bit of it.

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    Besides my Kel-tec PF-9, my permit, my I.D., extra mags, & a small tactical flashlight?

    A mobile phone (a must!), Sabre Red pepper spray, a small SOG Flash I, & my wits!
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    Gun, 2 extra mags, flashlight, pepper spray, folding knife, paperwork.

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    Wink CCW Super Best Sheepdog Friends

    OK Treo I figured it out. You and localgirl are the CCW Wondertwins. Whenever you feel the need to activate your sheepdog powers the two of your touch your CCW Wondertwin rings together and shout, "Sheepdog powers, activate." That also explains your use of the CCW cape.

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    ria 1911a1 tactical in a left handed fobus paddle holster, 2 spare kimber made mags, a ka-bar warthog folder, a neko mini flashlight, a sog multitool (if i'm riding my bike), my wallet with my dl and at least a $20, a pen, and my cell phone.

  7. Primary gun,back-up gun,primary knife back-up knife,utility knife,primary flashlight,back-up flashlight, wallet, money clip, extra mags, speedstrip, keys,and cell phone. Oh yea and a NAA mini in 22 lr cuz I live in a rural area and critters are always getting hit by cars but dont always die.

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