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Thread: I saw a 223 pistol today at the gun store.

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    For 1,5K it must have been something higher end, maybe a PTR PDW? Personally I want a KEL TEC SU 16 pistol, same principle but much more affordable.

    Kel Tec CNC

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    Quote Originally Posted by muccione View Post
    Yikes! That is one ugly ass AR pistol! The buffer tube sticks out like it go all excited ... not a very appealing design IMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
    But the price of 22 mag ammo is a lot easier on the wallet. I would take a Kel Tec PMR-30 in a heartbeat.
    got one on order...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon View Post
    got one on order...
    Let me know what your impressions are when you get one. It looks like a really fun time.
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    I love my 5.56 pistol can do mostly anything accurate 100+ yards compact enough to clear buildings or houses capacity is 30- 100 rounds low recoil !!!!!!! Now the drawbacks MUZZLE FLASH AND LOUD!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Quilici View Post
    LOL, calm down now. From what I have seen of those, that it classed as a pistol as long as the does not exceed 8 inches and as long as a shoulder stock is not added.
    Not entirely correct. A pistol can be any length, but cannot have a shoulder stock or vertical forward handgrip.

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