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Thread: Most unusual EDC pistol you've seen.

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    By the way - I should clarify that when I tried it I carried it unloaded. I didn't want what happened to the guy in Arizona to happen to me

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    Crazy stuff. It wasn't a firearm but I did know a guy who carried a piece of wire. I am talking a piece of 500MCM which ways about a pound per foot. Not the best choice but I am sure it would hurt to get whacked by it.
    I've jogged my own memory on this topic. During my first year of college (when I was too young to legally purchase a handgun) there had been several incidents of gangs coming onto campus to beat and rob students. Not having a pistol, I slipped a ten guage flare gun into my coat pocket.

    Sure, it was only a single-shot. But I figured no matter how many attacked me, if I just put one round into the gut of the head-hoodlum that the others would be mildly intimidated by the site of that white phosphorous setting their thug friend on fire.

    Never had (the opportunity) to use it.

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    From the time that I was 17 years old till I reached 21, I carried a replica Remington 1858 Army .44 everywhere with me. It was in my car always, and on my hip when I was in the woods. At the time, neither Federal or State law considered it a firearm, and State law did not consider "muzzle loaders" to be loaded unless they were capped. It did not take me long to put a few caps on the nipples of that thing, and I did carry it capped when in the woods. I later carried a replica 1851 Colt Navy in .36 cal along with it. The .44 was more powerful, but the .36 more accurate. My friends used to marvel when I would shoot plastic army men from a fence rail at 25 yards with that .36 and hit them at least 80% of the time. My first CC EDC was an Uberti Cattleman SAA in .45 Colt. I carried a pair of them until I replaced them with a CZ-75B for EDC, and later replaced that with .45 ACP Glocks. I still carry two pistols with me more often than not.

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