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    Hi there

    I have a bit of an unusual request. Im currently on a road trip from Buffalo through to Washington and was wondering if someone could recommend a range for me.

    Ill explain where im coming from. Im actually from Ireland and did a road trip from Vancouver to Halifax. Im now on my return leg to Vancouver through the states. Ive been looking online throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana for a range that is open to the public and would allow you to try a couple of rifles/pistols. However i thought id better ask people in the know.

    Ill be travelling across the interstate over the next 2 weeks and im currently in Madison in Minnesota.

    Feel free to ask me any questions as i know its a weird request.


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    You might be able to get some information from a local gun shop, or perhaps Cabala's, Gander Mountain, ****'s Sporting Goods, or Bass Pro Shop. May not hurt to try a call to the local police of sheriff for information.
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