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Thread: How do traffic tickets affect CCW Permit

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    Not sure about other states, but in CT any moving violations with the words reckless or endangerment in it will not only prohibit a new permit request, but you'll lose the one you already have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    I do not know if the same thing applies now but in SC where SLED looks at applications and has some strict policies it was something like 5 tickets in the last 3 years would disqualify you or some other type formula. Whatever the rules are they are such that someone that lax about obeying the laws probably will not care about the laws when carrying a gun. One traffic ticket will have little effect in most states. In SC a DUI disqualified you for 5 years I think it was so it is more of a demonstration of your overal attitude toward the law than anything cut and dried.
    Please site a source on that one. SLED will generally only reject an application for a felony or a domestic violence offence. Basically SLED mirrors a NICS check.

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    I found a copy of the CWP application that in effect back when I first applied. There was an instruction sheet with it and one of the paragraphs on that sheet. I couldn't remenber the exact numbers but here they are. As I said things may have changed.

    Reporting Criminal Record: You must answer “YES” if you have been arrested or charged with an offense for which you plead guilty, were found guilty, paid a fine, forfeited bond, were placed in jail or placed on probation. Failure to report such incidents will result in your application being denied. Full details concerning all offenses for which you have ever plead guilty, been found guilty, paid a fine, forfeited bond, were placed in jail or placed on probation, must be reported on a separate sheet, attached to this application. Traffic offenses are crimes and must be reported. A minor traffic violation record will not result in denial of your application. However, six (6) multiple traffic offenses within a five (5) year period will be considered a basis of denial. You are not required to report parking offenses. If you are unsure of your record, you should call the arresting agency and secure details of the arrest, to include a final disposition of charges to be included with this application form. False, inaccurate or incomplete information reported on this application form will result in denial of your application.

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    A traffic infraction, whether noted by LEO, shows a crucial lack of situational awareness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nymoose View Post
    Currently in NY a minor traffic ticket will not affect your CCP. Although there are rumors that the downstate anti-gun folk politicians would like to change this.
    At last check there was no pending discussions on this. I wrote two articles this year for USA Carry on pending NYS legislation - good and bad. If there has been some activity since then please let us know. Anything you can dig up would help. Thanks.

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    One of my friends has a concealed pistol license and had gotten a number of speeding tickets without repercussions (at least toward his CPL). I am not sure what the specific laws are in Washington, but he hasnít had any issues yet. I am sure it probably varies by state, county, etc.

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