Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro .45 ACP?
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Thread: Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro .45 ACP?

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    Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro .45 ACP?

    Hello folks for the record I LUV Taurus.

    I own a Public Defender SS 2" barrel .45LC/.410 a PT-1911 alloy framed 45ACP.

    In the past I've owned Glocks & 1911s (love both in .45 ACP) but I can't afford S&W,Kimber,Para or Glock price$$$ and I want more capacity than a Bond Derringer could afford.

    Unfortunately Bersa UC .45 ACPs are about as fine as frog's hair and about as scarce as honest politicans so this lead me back to Taurus and a PT145 Millenium Pro .45 ACP.

    Any of Ya'll own or carry one of these?
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    Well I just traded mine in on Saturday, and here is why I bought it used wich I have since decided not to do again. I traded it beacause it kept jamming and stovepiping. It did not when I first bought it but a month of carrying it with loaded magas and it started jamming. ( this is when it dawned on me that this was the only used gun that I had bought and decided it was time to change)I know that I coild have gotten new mags but figured it was only a mater of time. I also had a friend who said that he too had the Taurus and just didn't like it. I chose the Kahr cw45 check it out, but be forwarned it kicks pretty good the first few times then I didn't notice. I put 150 rounds through this weekend and a few jams but as I got towards the end no jams and really like the way it shoots. Kahr recomends a 200 round break in so I have about 50 more to go but I like this better than the Taurus,plus this baby is thin, only 1 inch thick you cannot see it when you carry at all. Good Luck in your search,

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    I have to agree with patsfan. I bought a pt145 about a year ago. Fist time out at the range i absolutely loved it. Felt good in my hand, was acurate with the fixed sights, hell i had no complaints. It was a great carry gun as well. Small size made it very easy to conceal. BUT.... then after a couple hundred rounds through it it began to nose dive rounds and stovepipe brass. I contacted Taurus and of corse they had never heard of this problem. But the did tell me that it could be a magazine problem and sent me 2 new replacement mags. 2 days after they arived i was back to the range and wouldnt you know it... same problems.
    I started a search online and found that a lot of people were having the same problem and alot had contacted Taurus to find that they had "never heard of this problem".
    Long story short... i decided that if i was going to carry, than i needed a firearm that i could trust my life to. Unfortanately the Taurus with its jamming problems i couldnt trust it. Last month there was a gun show here in Dallas and i traded in the Taurus and purchased a Glock 23. Have put 300 rounds through it and have had no issues. I love my glock and carry it every day.

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    Luvs, I also personally love Taurus as a company. No company is perfect, but Taurus was more than willing to fix the one problem I had with a weapon for free, and it was on a gun I bought used and not under warranty! A friend of mine had the Millennium Pro as his carry. He liked the weight, but of course it's a bit large because it's a .45, but similar to Glock and others. I think you'll be happy if you go with it.

    Some things to do to make sure that you're not disappointed at that critical moment: Make sure to run at least 250 rounds, preferably 500, through it before carrying it to save your life. This will work out any kinks, factory burrs, weak or broken springs and make sure that the magazines and everything else works together reliably. Also, you should clean the gun every 100 rounds during this break-in period to examine the parts and remove the carbon, re-oil the critical surfaces, and make sure nothing has started to crack or come apart. If you haven't noticed any problems at the end of the test period, it should be all ready to carry concealed.

    Bonus test: As part of your testing 250-500, use different bullet weights and types (full metal jacket, flat point, wadcutter, hollow point, frangible), at least 50 rounds of each. This will tell you if the gun is sensitive to different bullet weights and if it is more accurate with one weight over another. I've had guns that would shoot one weight twice as accurate as any other bullet weight made - that is very important to know!

    Finally, do all your break-in shooting with all grips, lasers, lights, sights or any other add-ons on the gun that you plan to use it with in its conceivable life. These objects change the way you hold and shoot the gun and should be taken into account while evaluating accuracy.
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    Nosediving is an issue with mine also. FMJ does not hang up, but the hollowpoints will sometimes hang on the feed ramp. I just carry 1 HP in the pipe and fill the mag with FMJ. Some types of HP have more problems than others.

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    I carried a PT145 for a while and I never had a problem like that, but I can tell you something I would send it to Taurus. Make a video and also send it to them so they can see the problem.

    I had a problem with a revolver model 66 and they fixed it really quick.

    also if the firearm will jam with HP, is the feeding ramp showing scratches, bumps or impact marks at all?

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    My 2cents worth. I have a PT145 that I bought used a year ago. I have put over 1000 rounds thru it both FMJ and JHP. Have never had a problem. Not the first jam, FTE, nothing. It is a little big to conceal carry but I use a crossbreed supertuck. I have carried it all day without even thinking about it. Enjoy the weight, how it feels in my hands, the recoil is easy to handle and bring back on target. 45acp is my first choice for PD. I keep mine loaded with Hornady Critical Defense.
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    I had one of the early "Pre-Pro" PT-145 Millenium pistols for a few years. It ran well, went back to the shop for a broken trigger spring, was repaired and back to me in two weeks. Shot well up until I sold it to buy the newer DA/SA PRO Millenium a couple of years ago. When I tried the gun it would jam repeatedly, and I knew the mags were the reason.

    Before buying the newer version I'd read on the Taurus forum about the magazine issue that was causing FTF/FTEs in the newer guns. So, shortly after I bought the new one, I sent all 5 of my mags old & new, in to Taurus and they replaced them all with the newer updated magazines which have worked fine ever since.

    So, although I am an XD guy for the most part, I would still recommend this neat little hand cannon, as long as you get the newer mags.
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    Wink Glad to have mine

    I have the Taurus PT145 that we are talking about. Just to try some of what I had I reloaded some cases with a 200 gr. lead RNFP bullets that I use in my reloads for my Ruger New Vaqueros for Cowboy Action Shooting. This was with some Clay's Powder to push it out. I don't have one of those cronigraft machines to check it with but, I didn't load to max and it never failed with about 300 rounds thru it. I don't load to max because I don't want to shoot into my neighbors house or shoot thru some one and hit someone else, also. It was about 2" groups at 50'. I am satisfied in my own mind that the 200 gr bullet is capable of knocking a person down and more if there is a need. I am a good shooter with this pistol and consider it to be a good carry gun. I am disabled and My life may depend on what I carry and I am satisfied with this gun. I figger "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS OR ME".
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    I've had a PT1-45 for about two years now and have never had a problem with it. I like mine very much.

    TekGreg, Taurus Firearms, like Ruger & a few others, are warranted for the life of the gun, not for the life of the original purchaser. So the Taurus that you purchased used was onder warranty.

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