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You really like to read between the lines. I didn't offer you my support or did I say I support your actions. I said I understand your decisions. Big difference!

You think by someone expressing their own opinions and challenging you to state your case is being 'high and mighty'? You are truly unarmed in a battle of the wits. Hardly a person I would care to have an educated discussion with on the merits of the DRT rounds ability to stop a home intruder based off a non scientific test on a totally dissimilar physiological specimen.

Go out and find DB on PCP and shoot center mass at 15'...or if you're all out of DB in your neighborhood, head to Texas and help them clear their feral hog (physiologically more human like) population and drop a few with a handgun full of DRT rounds- then come back and 'debate'.
As I said before, your opinion is worthless to me. EOM.