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Thread: M&P or XD

  1. M&P. Tried the XD but didn't like its puny grip safety as it didn't disengage reliably for me vs. one found on a 1911 with the "memory bump" grip safety. For me the M&P is money, .......... or spent money as I ended up with 4 of them so far.

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    I was trying to buy the M&P but my local gun store didn't have one in stock so I tried the XDm-9 and fell in love with it. It's an amazing pistol; accurate, consistent and has yet to have a misfire or ejection issue. I absolutely love it and recommend it highly. Try them both, if that's an option, go with what feels right.

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    i cant believe i am about to say it, but go with the m&p. I would advise the xd, but with the fact it could cause you issues in your state, better to be judged by 12 using the "state approved" defense tools than go in with something else. Now i have to go wash my mouth out with soap and apologise to the tactical (5") and subcompact xd's in the house.

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    Im glad someone got a kick out of that. I still need to take the girls (XD's) to the range for some apology time. I have to wait untill Im no longer taking hydrocodone. Stupid hernia surgery....
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  6. More safety features on XD if that's an issue there's you re decision its a Glock its a Sig its a 1911 you can't go wrong I own them both problem solved I carry the M&P more though maybe because I just got it
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    I have an M&P compact and have grown very fond of it. I was looking into getting an XD, but a dealer said that getting parts for them is slow. He was probably just trying to sell me what he had in stock. Once I held the M&P, it didn't matter. It felt perfect in my hand.

  8. Never fired an M&P so I can't say anything about that but I used to own an XD .45 compact and I loved it. Shot nice, good grip, accurate.

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    M&P 9 all day! First gun I ever bought and I don't regret it.
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  10. If I went XD it would be XDM or its no contest you can get the M&P 40c buy the 9mm barrel and a couple of mags now you have two guns or get the 357 sig barrel and have another option and it takes the full size mags add the xgrip and it fits right to you gun for fit feel and finish I say M&P

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    M&P definitely.

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