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  1. I like the Springfield XDs have the XD-.45acp and it's a solid handgun.

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    I have an M&P compact and have grown very fond of it. I was looking into getting an XD, but a dealer said that getting parts for them is slow. He was probably just trying to sell me what he had in stock. Once I held the M&P, it didn't matter. It felt perfect in my hand.
    I ordered a recoil spring Assy.for my XD-.45 just to have it have not needed to replace it, it really a strong spring. I got it quick and just $14 US. I have not read of XDs needing parts.

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    I like 9's, but if I'm shooting to save my life, I want to use a bigger hammer. So I've been carrying .45's for the last 38 years.
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    XD better feel, better everything!

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    I have the Xd .45 compact and its perfect..
    Ammo isn't so bad but I feel a 9mm is the new .22 I want more impact.

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    No doubt. M&P 40,overall great gun!

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