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    I have seen it on a few local sites (to me) in the mid 300s. On an economical note, it is about $400 less than a base model Sig P290.

  3. COUGARAM Try sticking out your thumb and holding your little finger out straight, sort of like the "rock and roll" symbol but pointing away from your body. This grip has reAlly help me with the LCP! I too have large hands and once you get aquanted with this style it feels pretty good.

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    I checked out one of these yesterday, I have the LCP, but I've been kicking around moving up to a weapon with better sights. What I love about the LCP is the ability to pocket carry, I'm not sure it would be as easy with the LC9.

    But overall I REALLY like the feel...I'll probably try and rent one, then decide from there.

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