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    I went to the range the other day then once I was done I decided to take a look at the firearms they had in the shop. I was looking at the 1911 compacts and being that I have a full size Rock Island 1911 I was looking into the compact editions by them. The clerk then showed me the ATI 1911 which was $483 only 30 dollars more and had a usable front sight a more polished barrel and checkered hand grips. Also he told me that it is made by the same company down in the Philippines. I was wondering if anybody has heard anything about these?ATI compact 1911-ati1911.jpg

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    Here are a couple of posts dealing with the ATI. Although my last one didn't hold up too well after 900+ rounds, Davidson's replaced the entire firearm at no cost.

    Sad day for my ATI FX 45 TITAN SS 1911

    My take on Davidson's Gallery of Guns

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