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    Take a look at this video, as a store owner, what the heck would you do? They aren't causing harm to anyone, but they are stealing property from whoever owns the place. I'm sure the concequences would be different in each state if you had to use your firearm, but how else could you stop a group of people who don't have any respect for you or your property??

    Flash Mob Hits Maryland 7-11 Video

  3. Lock down!

    This is why, if I owned any sort of small store, I'd have an override on the door to lock it shut and a secure room to sit in and call the police. That, and a shotgun.

    Also, I disagree that they aren't causing harm to anyone. It may not be physical but it is still major harm.

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    Did they steal all of that stuff?

    The Internet says they did so I will go with that. Scum of the earth.

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    Yes, I imagine they don't have a good bone in their body. Pretty sure they didn't return it all either. This has been happening more frequently.

  6. It is interesting. A hundred or so years ago in this country, it was perfectly acceptable to defend your property with force. Some places in the world that is still the norm. But here today, the message is, "it's only money, or stuff". Think people have gotten the message? Apparently so. I wouldn't be comfortable taking someone's life over a couple of candybars, but I am also (less) uncomfortable just letting large numbers of people walk through my (non-existent) store or other property and taking whatever they please. And how long before someone gets mad about something and violence ensues?
    Flash mobbing is a new fad, but it's catching on because it works, and there is very little danger. While I love the lockdown idea, I doubt most small storeowners could do that.

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    Use Fox Labs Pepperspray, the one with the pistol grip fogger and stream. Or the "Mean Green" one that would mark criminals with a dye as they escaped the cops could still identify them.
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    Oh, perfect. They have a crowd control tank

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    I support a store owners right to shoot those criminals if they choose

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    That is sad...most whiners are black and most that we see committing crimes are black. I am not being racist here, but I wish they will pick up their act together and show the world that they too can shine if they wanted to. Each and every one of us, no matter what the colour of our skins are, are capable of improving ourselves. Dress well, clean up well, we all have a chance at opportunity.
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    OK, I'll play! First one to the door is a rotten-corpse! You ain't leaving with my property. Who's first?

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