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Thread: holster and gun disarm disarm.

  1. One thing to remember... How many gun grabs from Joe Citizen carrying a gun have there been in reality? You would think that with the anti-gun media and groups like the Brady Bunch that a gun grab would be all over the news. It just doesn't seem to happen in reality. One reason is that it is much, much easier and less dangerous for a criminal to obtain a gun in an illegal sale, or to steal an unattended gun than it is to attempt to take a gun from Joe Citizen carrying it.
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Don't like kydex paddles. I've seen them come out on the drawstroke too many times.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by trophyhunter View Post
    I believe that if someone is able to Dis-Arm you in that manner.
    You have failed, not the holster. If you consider your body as the center point, you should keep an 5-6 foot radius 360 around you at all times.I agee your holster should not be able to be removed that easy.

    But you, and only you can be blamed, or held accountable for such a situation. Not only do you as a CCW holder have a responcibility to protect yours,and your families well being. But protecting your weapon is equally important. Dont let anyone invade your Circle.....
    Yup. If someone who wants to hurt you has gotten close enough to you to grab your sidearm, you're doing it wrong. The fact that they can do what happened in that video has nothing to do with anything. The fact that they're that close to you makes your sidearm pointless right there. All the assailant has to do is keep your hand from your sidearm, and they're in control, even if they don't have it.

  5. YEA thats the one! thank you. so the others will not do that and what holster is that?

  6. There are cops who have their gun grabbed every year. how many? I am not sure but some cops get killed every year with their own gun. Fbi u.c.r.

  7. well if you carrying in the open and you go somewhere and your in a line that circle is going to be hard to keep. a nutjob if you do not see him well being 100% sure of everyone around you all the time is not being honest can not be done. a guy who is after your gun can pick his time and attack when he wants to. so I like a holster I can lock down with my hand and arm. not have it twisted away and off my belt. someone can grab my gun if he is very gun but not pull it out before i can grab and start fighting for it but if he can tristed it off my belt. well I am not going to get that holster. just my idea now i am not superman so I want something that it has to come out the way it went in and they can twist it all they want it stays on my belt. so what do you want for your gun. I am going for something strong.

  8. What makes any difference? I'd actually rather the guy jerked the holster off my belt instead of pulling the pistol out of the holster. Why? Because if he pulled the pistol out of the holster, he'd be reday to fire at me. If the pistol is still inside the holster, he has to use two hands to get the pitol out of the holster(not that easy when the holster is not on a belt). In the time it takes the BG to get the pistol into a firing condition, I will either knock him on his azz or create enough distance that he'll have more trouble hitting me.
    One of the things you should learn when preparing to carry concealed is retention. Keep your elbow close on the outside of your gun. Anyone puts a hand on my piece and I immediately spin around toward the threat attempting to break his hold, strike his hand/forearm with my forearm, and start a crossing blow with my lefthand aimed at his throat/face causing him to raise at least one hand in defense of his face. A right handed gungrabber will be at a serious disadvantage at this point. If I'm able to spin 180*, the next step is my left knee to his crotch. I don't live in a big city environment but really, I don't allow anyone to approach within 5' behind me. If standing in line, I'll turn sidewise with my gun on the opposite side. Most men won't crowd you after you do this and make eye contact unless they really are BG, in which case the beacon goes on and the right hand goes-well you know the rest.

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